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Z3 Driver
20th September 2011, 14:11
Had the surveyor round yesterday and has given it the all clear to be fitted. Im hoping once i get the extension done i can get it moved into my wet room. But thats with the planning dept.

The kids gonna love this. :)

20th September 2011, 14:54
Great stuff, did you get funding for it? My plans have been approved ;)

Z3 Driver
20th September 2011, 21:43
funding for clos o mat , yes. funding for extension is still to be decided. great news Chris , we need another get together soon.

20th September 2011, 21:55
Mmmmm I got told I won't get funding for one :( Yea we will sort something out soon, just goto crack the whip and get my extension done ;)

Z3 Driver
20th September 2011, 22:41
oh not sure why you were told that. i believe my OT sorted it out. maybe an extension opening party then, with a game of chase the ace :D

21st September 2011, 09:59
Mmmm yea a party sounds a great idea ;)

Z3 Driver
21st September 2011, 12:24
you need to smile sweetly at your OT. :)

21st September 2011, 13:11
Yea rite, I think were gonna ask for someone else, she tells me nothing!

Z3 Driver
21st September 2011, 13:26
apparently i have the best in my area, that was from another OT. !!

21st September 2011, 14:40
Jammy sod! I have the worst in north west apparently and that's coming from me and the wife.

Z3 Driver
21st September 2011, 22:19
Sounds like it Chris, in that case i'll have the party so you can have a go on mine.:)

contact the OT's boss and ask for someone else, i have done with a carer, im sure Polly will shout down the phone at them :eek:

21st September 2011, 22:59
Yea that's what we will do. We have just had a meeting about starting work on extension, looks like work will startnext week ;)

22nd September 2011, 18:58
closomat was installed yesterday, leaked (sorry for the pun)- the leak was fixed and will feedback on the system (mum has not been on the new loo yet). It is really good at standing you up though.

best wishes

27th September 2011, 23:50
Hi all

Mum finds the closomat really useful as it has an added extra that stands her up and sits her down

the people installing it were brilliant
however when it was installed mum could manage to push (eg place foot or hand) on the gadget that activates the wash/dry function (it is a bit like a whoppee cushion - rubber gadget filled with air that needs to be depressed.

The next day mum did not have the strength to activate the loo (obviously progressive nature of MND here). Anyway I called the builders and closomat and there is an infra red or proxy switch which won't require pressure to activate the loo- mum is getting one of them installed next week. then we will be able to provide more feedback on the loo as mum will have had more use of it in all its capacity

initial thoughts
you have to sit back with your bottom fully covering the hole or else your clothes will get wet
ensure your top is up so you can keep it dry
dont try showing someone how it is done unless you are sitting on it or else the water may get on the floor, and that is not good for the flooring
if you are experiencing limitations in use of hands or feet- you could try other ways such as putting under chin etc- however you may want to think of the infra red switch.
if you are assisting someone that cannont communicate then check the water temperature as if the water is cold on each aspect of the cycle it wont be so comfy- it should be cold, warm, cold.

i have only tested it a couple of times- and my recollection is that the wash goes from back to front, must have been invented by a man

not sure if it will be a complete clean but definetly helps retain independence
more late next week

3rd October 2011, 16:34
Please can I ask you all why you are installing a closomat rather than an attachable bidet seat? i.e. what are the differences between the two products, and what made you all decide on a closomat? I need to install one or the other and was planning to just get the cheaper option. Although I was diagnosed two years ago I have only seen an OT once, at the very beginning who said I was OK to go back to work, so I have no professional to explain this to me. I live in rented accommodation - is installing a closomat a big deal, which a landlord might reasonably object to?

11th October 2011, 13:23
OK, I guess no-one could help with that, so I've arranged for a closomat sales guy to come round next month. Hopefully he'll be able to explain to me the pros and cons of different products.

Also, reading about everyone's OTs made me wonder why I haven't got one. So I've called MNDConnect to see if they can help.

11th October 2011, 16:00
The MNDA provide funding towards the cost of a closomat toilet so I suggest you talk to your OT who willneed to contact them on your behalf.


11th October 2011, 20:18
sorry just picked up that there was a question.
my mum was given a closomat instead of a bio bidet - one of the reasons was because it also came with an optional extra of having something that helps her stand up and sits her down.

the closomat also has an infra red switch to help mum activate the wash function.

i have to speak to the installers tomorrow about possibly getting one for kids school so will ask them the difference between bio bidet and closomat, it has been explained to me but i have forgotten, sorry

I know my mum has got a wash at front and back facility

11th October 2011, 20:19
dont forget if you are eligible for a disabled facilities grant then ask the council for funding for closomat if that is what is needed, that is how my mums was funded

Z3 Driver
1st November 2011, 22:43
got my clos o mat fitted today and this is how my first time went.

ooohhh :) hmmmmm arghhh :eek: mmmm ooooohhhh ;)

i like it,

was showing my son Alex how it works and washed the ceiling and walls :)

he's had a go and said it washed his b###s ...... god knows which way he was sat !

happy days.

2nd November 2011, 08:24
lol Kevan glad you like it.....lmao @ Alex hehehe

Similar to the closomat - Geberit Balena 8000 for sale on ebay 995 http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Geberit-Balena-8000-Care-Toilet-/260868645340?pt=UK_HG_Toilets_RL&hash=item3cbcfba1dc

2nd November 2011, 08:34
Another Geberit toilet being sold as spares or repair because of slight leak which could be a simple repair such as a rubber gasket/seal, for sale on ebay starting at 35 http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Geberit-Care-toilet-spares-repairs-/260884085746?pt=UK_HG_Toilets_RL&hash=item3cbde73bf2

2nd November 2011, 16:04
Hi Everyone, Perhaps Jeannie is signposting the way most will have to follow. Please read the following.

Washer/dryer WC
Up to 800
We would pay 800 towards Washer/dryer WC which for bio bidets would cover the purchase of it and for clos-o-mats part of the installation only and no monthly rentals. Therefore encourage moving away from clos o mats to bio bidets.

Criteria For Accessing Financial Support Tuesday 27 September 2011. For Internal Use Only.

Crazy girl
2nd November 2011, 20:05
I have to add that my husband loves his clos o mat....have had about a month now and according to him it's the best thing since sliced bread!!!

I thank the MNDA for making him smile from the bottom (!) of my heart!


11th November 2011, 12:52
closomat for sale on ebay start price 100 http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Clos-o-Mat-Disabled-Toilet-/220890618861?pt=UK_Health_Beauty_Mobility_Disabili ty_Medical_ET&hash=item336e1b5bed

11th November 2011, 14:16
I love my clos o mat fitted free by my very caring council, (well my best friend of 25 years is in charge of that department now)

im very pleased to know the right people in the right departments :)


21st November 2011, 15:35
Just to let you know my closomat quote is 2403.50 for the unit, 66.50 for a plinth, 171 for a foot switch, 303 for arms and 530 installation. Total is 3474!!!!!!! And I still have to arrange for an electrician to come round!

Waiting to hear from council, but suspect won't qualify, and the need is pressing...so will probably get it. Don't want to use money from MNDA that could better go elsewhere. But it's galling to use a big chunk of savings to buy a toilet! Apart from my flat it's the most expensive thing I've ever bought - how depressing.

21st November 2011, 15:45
Don't want to use money from MNDA that could better go elsewhere.

Thats what they are here for- to help us:rolleyes:

21st November 2011, 23:07
my mum has had a closomat for nearly two months now. She finds the facility to lower her down to the toilet from a standing position invaluable.

infra red switch had to be fitted a week after installation as her hands had deteriorated and she could not operate the switch

funded via the disabled facilities grant. we have agreed that when mum dies we will return all of the things such as closomat, lift etc so that someone else can make use of it.

I will check the amount that was paid for my mums as i dont think it was as much as the 3K quote- be in touch in a day or two

Just wondering- do people find that they give a really good clean or not? I am getting a child of mine to use it regularly (incontinent)- it doesn't clean all the poo off. I find that I have to activate the switch for some time and then finish off with toilet roll then a few wet flannels. sorry to be so graphic- just wanted to point out that depending on what your bowel movement is like and how "clean" your bowel movements are- you may find the closomat doesn't live up to all expectations.

Apart from that, it was intended for my mum with MND and it is very useful for her (but not so much for another family member).

MND Connect helpline