View Full Version : British Red Cross Short term Equipment Load

21st September 2011, 14:34
My Mum (has MND) and Dad are coming to stay this weekend. We have a bathroom downstairs and no loo upstairs. Mum is hopefully just about going to manage the stairs but we were worried about neding the loo in the night and the risk of stairs particulary as it takes Mum a little time to come round from her medication. After a little bit of hunting I managed to borrow a commode from the local British Red Cross. This will mean that Mum is able to visit us for that one or two more times before the logistics get too much.

I just wanted to let people know about this service - you may already know. They only ask for a donation and have a number of bits of equipment for short term loan. I know that this is not going to be suitable for everything/everyone but there may just been some times it can help. If we had known about it previsouly we might have borrowed a wheel chair for a couple of holidays we went on before Mum had her own.

Anyway, should it be of any use to anyone here is the website:

MND Connect helpline