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27th May 2017, 13:41
I've been provided with an invacare tdx sp what are your thoughts on this chair re pros cons and limitations.
Thank you

27th May 2017, 13:58
Hi LFHelp;

Ask Pete about faults, I'm sure that most of them are fine.

Love Terry

27th May 2017, 15:22
Thank you Terry what do you think Pete?
I thought getting the chair would be bittersweet but it just felt like freedom working well in hospice just need ramp sorted at home

27th May 2017, 15:42
Maybe a temporary ramp would do for a while. I always look at equipment such as a wheelchair as giving you freedom and some maybe independence.

Love Terry

29th May 2017, 18:11
Thank you Terry what do you think Pete?
I thought getting the chair would be bittersweet but it just felt like freedom working well in hospice just need ramp sorted at home

Hi Terry, and Lookingforhelp,

It's very much a question of how good the service provider gets the spec right the chair comes very basic so you need to decide on many things such as seat cushion ,back rest type and make sure you feel comfortable in it, you will be spending a long time sitting so it's important to speak up and not accept what others think, arm rests need to be soft gel not hard plastic they also need to be easily moved out of the way when side transfers are needed, and footplate set correctly and easy to operate.
if possible get assistance from MNDA wheelchair advisors they are very helpful.
It's not the most agile chair in confined space ,even the middle drive has its isssues ,if space is important the salsa mini is the one !.
Hope this helps very much the most useful thing isn't allowed and that's a seat riser but good luck with that one ?.

Pete x

29th May 2017, 21:26
Hi pete thank you
Looks like you have the basic setup. Yes did challenge and ask how do you know what I need as you haven't assessed me by t problem is I am deteriorating so quickly walking in house mid April and when they saw me now not walking being hoisted. I can just about side transfer if and yes sides do come off. Very grateful to have the chair but already feel it lacks adequate postural support and yes gel arms sounds good. Oh dear might just be the shortest discharge ever- arrived Friday!!

30th May 2017, 11:33
Dear Lookingforhelp,

Thank you for your query regarding the Invacare TDX. We passed on your query to Mary Collier, the Wheelchair Specialist Coordinator at the Association, please see Mary's response below :

Invacare is one of the manufacturers that the MND Association has worked with to develop powered wheelchairs that are able to meet the needs of most people with MND. The Invacare TDX Sp has the tilt-in-space mechanism which is generally needed for the effective postural support, positioning and comfort of people with MND. It is also possible to add other features as required such as tension-adjustable back, head rest, wider arm rests etc. This is generally as identified and decided at the point of assessment and handover/set-up of the wheelchair. As individual needs change in relation to the progress of MND and it's impact on posture and mobility, it is often necessary to request reassessment by the wheelchair service to enable ongoing adaptation of the wheelchair so that it continues to meet needs.

If you have any specific queries or concerns regarding your wheelchair provision, please don’t hesitate to contact the MND Association’s Wheelchair Support Service at wheelchairs@mndassociation.org

Alternatively, you can also contact Mary Collier directly at mary.collier@mndassociation.org or on 01604611753.

I hope that this is helpful.

Kind regards,

30th May 2017, 11:57
Thank you very useful

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