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5th January 2011, 16:01

Ne1 know if the eyegaze system works with ipads? If not suggestions welcome for how I wud make this happen, can't seem to find a way to contact apple newhere,


5th January 2011, 17:24
I don't see a reference to the Ipad, but it does work with Mac's - being as the system uses infra-red cameras I can't see it being compatible.

5th January 2011, 20:24
Ah I wonder if I spoke to Apple if they cud make software to make it work.

5th January 2011, 20:49
I doubt it, it's about hardware - the Ipad doesn't have it and I doubt it could be expanded in the near future.

Are you a fanboi? ;) or to put it another way, is there some functionality of the ipad that you feel would benefit you? maybe there is another way to do what you need. I must admit that I am not taken with the idea of the ipad, but time may prove me wrong.

6th January 2011, 14:06
I play drums in my band with 2 ipads on the digi drummer app thru a huge amp already but use my hands atm, they are sadly beginning to fail now tho, atm that is career ending for my drumming, hence the thread here i started hoping for ideas.

6th January 2011, 15:51
I'm really sorry, but eye tracking software needs you to rest your gaze for a set period of time [say half a second] on one spot on the screen for that area to be selected - I doubt it would be possible to play the drums live with any of this sort of equipment as maintaining any sort of beat would be next to impossible.

I found this link that might help you play live by using another method http://synth.me/music-gear/kinect-midi-drumkit-mk-ii-play-drums-theremin and http://pmidic.com/ but they would require a reasonable amount of mobility in your arms and some messing about to get it working as its not commercial stuff.

Is there any scope for you to pre-record your work? I know it's far from ideal, given what you have been used doing.

I wish I could think of something better for you.

6th January 2011, 17:44
Rog might as well play a cd if you're recommending pre-recording.

Lec I doubt any alternative mouse would be quick enough for what you require it to do

6th January 2011, 18:41
Another thought, maybe something like an 'OptiMusic system' would be useful - I'm sure that there are cheaper alternatives - but the idea would be the same - or how about hacking a midi keyboard to replace some of the keys with light beams that you break to effect a button press, this would still require good arm control though.

6th January 2011, 18:51
hmmm i need to keep digging to find a way to click screens without my arms at all

7th January 2011, 04:40
I'm not suggesting that you use this [as it's a simple game], but It make me think it could be possible to control a drum kit by eye - instead of 'clicking' by hovering over the area for a set period, the button is clicked whenever the mouse rolls over it. http://www.kenbrashear.com/ Of course it's only possible to hit one thing at a time, so I'm not sure how useful the idea is at all.

So given this I'm thinking it might just be possible to arrange something, but you would need phenomenal eye control.

patrick joyce
7th January 2011, 10:43
You can get windows compatible tablets now similar to the ipad which will work with eyegaze. I see no reason at all why you can't play drums with eyegaze. you can set the dwell time to 0 for the drum pads and use looping software for the beat repetiton. This is all easy stuff, or fairly easy, and should be quite possible to work out with some effort.

Have you heard of a performance artist called beardy man? Look up 'monkey jazz' on youtube. He makes music live using looping software. I know him, and the guy who makes the films. I will ask him about pc based looping software.

These loops are not prerecorded. They are all made from scratch, live. Drumming would be the same - live.

I also have a friend locally with MND, called Alistair, who is a drummer, and may be interested in this...


patrick joyce
7th January 2011, 12:33
I spoke to my friend and he says this software is widely available for all operating systems. It is called 'live looping'. I did a brief search, and there is plenty of open source, free live looping software out there. You will need a pc based system. As I understand it, eyegaze set ups fall into 2 categories, they are either an integrated, all in one unit, which runs its own software, or they are a pc bsed system, which is more flexible, but potentially harder to set up. There are now diy systems using webcams, for the skint.

What is your level of mobility at the moment? Do you have eyegaze already? If so, which one? Are you pc or mac?

You can throw away that ipad. They are just not designed for people without fingers.

patrick joyce
7th January 2011, 13:05
Also, you might want to use a headmouse and a clickswitch as an intermediate and potentially permanent solution. Headmice are a fraction of the price of eyegaze, and many people use them right until they croak, never need eyegaze at all.

I am so glad i got MND now, and not 50 years ago. You've gotta love technology...

7th January 2011, 18:14
I was wondering, would a normal button setup for the drum kit work ok, what I am thinking is - would there need to be an area in the middle of the screen for the eyes to rest, with the active areas around the edge, otherwise wouldn't you hit the wrong drum whist selecting your choise a lot of the time? That's for setting me straight Patrick, I spend some time looking but completely missed the 'live looping' stuff.

7th January 2011, 21:33
aha so the answer lies in getting software like that designed, that I cud have on my laptop, with the keyboard hints on I was able to get multi snds. If I cud program the has onto a loop system cud then lay the beats by eye. Which was the idea for eye drumming neways as cud never do hats and groove together by eye neways. Will defo look into this ty.

7th January 2011, 21:39
I have no eyegaze atm, but am in talks with my OT about getting it.I will look into all of this.

patrick joyce
8th January 2011, 11:36
You don't need the software designed Martin, it already exists. You need the looping software, and then the eyegaze or headmouse comes with software that allows you to use any computer program without your hands. If you can move your head, then a headmouse is the better option. It is 400 instead of 5000 and if you can move any other part of your body then you can have click switches that take the place of the mouse buttons. you can get the looping software free todday, and try it out.

Your speech therapist should normally be the person to talk to about the equipment i think?, not the OT.

8th January 2011, 21:51
My head control is very bad n don't have a speech therapist. Gotta have a evaluation to see what am entitled to to use ma laptop.

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