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6th July 2017, 12:03
Hi all,

I have recently posted this event I am organising on Facebook. Just because we have MND it doesn't mean we can't organise an event, be it a tea party or a walk etc.

My story
Along with friends from the Lincolnshire MNDA group I was involved in numerous fundraising events as a helper. Over recent years my daughters and granddaughter have raised funds and awareness on behalf of people like me living with MND. There is no state funding for research and there is no cure. Although living with a terminal, debilitating disease has it's challenges, I consider myself fortunate 5 years on but I have lost many friends to this illness.

I used to belong to a walking group so I thought if my family can fundraise why not me. I can no longer walk unaided but I can find a venue that is wheelchair/scooter friendly and so with the support from fellow committee members we are walking through the beautiful Sherwood Forest. I am hoping to be joined by 100 others during this event and sponsorship from people who know me is much appreciated.

6th July 2017, 12:50
Steve, myself and family will be there with you Barry


6th July 2017, 16:01
That's great news Sue. I'm confident of a good turnout and some local media coverage so we can highlight our case.

Barry x

6th July 2017, 16:58
Hope you get a good turnout Barry. I'll be with you in spirit :)

Ellie x.

6th July 2017, 19:06
That's fantastic Barry, and good luck with it I hope your raise a lot of money, and all enjoy the walk while doing it.

Sherwood Forest home to Robin Hood, and his merry men. Take pictures if you can :)


6th July 2017, 21:28
Thanks for your moral support Ellie.

Cc I will be posting photos and who knows, we may even spot Robin, but knowing my luck I'm more likely to be chased by the sheriff of Nottingham.

Barry x

6th July 2017, 23:16
LOL good one Barry :D

Robin Hood is one of the good guys steals from the rich, and all that good stuff...don't worry about the sheriff Robin Hood, and his men got your back.

Pictures would be great to see of you and gang, and Sherwood Forest.

Good luck hope its a huge success! :)


7th July 2017, 08:18
Hi Barry, when is the walk taking place p!ease . I would like to be there . Lorret

7th July 2017, 09:31
Hi Lorett,

The walk is 10:30 on Sunday 3rd September and I will be delighted if you can attend. If you don't mind sending me a pm with your email address and I will send you the details and registration form.

I'm doing a reccee next week as I need to assess any risks. 48 boxes to be ticked for health and safety grrrrrrrrr.


7th July 2017, 18:09
Hi Lorett,

I believe you tried to send me a message but my inbox was full. I have done some "housekeeping" so I apologise for the inconvenience.

Barry x.

7th July 2017, 20:45

8th July 2017, 10:59
Well done \Barry;

Wish you every success.

Love Terry

10th July 2017, 11:07
Hi Barry
I am also organising an event at Temple Newsam in Leeds, 16th September @10:30 - like yourself I have had the dreaded forms and risk assessments to fill out. I thought i'd sorted it all when I received an email from them this morning. They are now asking for a CPP and also our first aid provisions for the site - the real bombshell was when they said my bill for the event was now 118.00 !! - now I must be stupid or something, because I have walked around Temple Newsam park since I was a child - and never had to pay a 1p. - I am now almost 68.
I am not an MND sufferer Barry, but my son was diagnosed with MND 4 months ago - hence my reasoning for wanting to do something to help - I guess we are all mostly the same - we sail through life without a care in the world, then this dreaded disease hits - then suddenly we can't do enough. After all that waffle, my reason for posting this message was to ask if you had hit with a price tag to do the event.
Kind regards


10th July 2017, 11:22
Hi Keith and welcome to the forum family. I'm sorry to hear about your son's diagnosis and I am pleased you are fundraising for MNDA.

The risk assessment I am carrying out is for MNDA and insurance purposes. I assume what you are referring to is for the local council. I think it's disgraceful that they would charge for a charity event. I have permission from my council and they do not request anything other than a limit. Of 100 people.

Maybe if you contact the fundraising team at MNDA they could influence the authority to waive the charges. You can find their contact details on the website.

Good luck with your event.


10th July 2017, 11:30
Thank, Barry - I have taken your advice and copied the email to the Fundraising team at MNDA. I phoned the chap at Leeds Parks and Countryside to ask about the charge and he said as this was my first attempt at organising an event - he would reduce the charge by 50%. Sounds great and from his point of view I suppose it is - but from my point of view, 50% is still a shock when your expecting to pay nothing. Rather than losing the event I will pay the fee myself - but I agree with you, it's disgraceful. Thank you for the advice.

10th July 2017, 15:40
Well done on organising these events, Keith and Barry! I'm totally shocked that you have been billed 118, Keith. I'm equally shocked that suddenly it can be reduced by 50%, suggesting that it wasn't actually a standard charge. It's great of you to pay the charge yourself but I think that maybe the council might not have liked negative publicity if the MNDA had been involved.
Good luck both of you with the events. My family are involved in several organised events which is their way of coping with my diagnosis. So a well done to all families and friends!
Bern x

10th July 2017, 16:42
Hi Keith and welcome to the forum,

Sorry to hear about your son, but if you have any questions then please ask.

What you failed to tell us that you have organised and motor bike race around the park and that is why they are charging you.


Great to hear that you are trying to raise money for us.

Best wishes, Terry

10th July 2017, 16:52
Hi Bern,

Good luck to your family with their fundraising and good to hear from a fellow Geordie. I moved away 30 years ago for my job but I go back often to visit family and friends.


10th July 2017, 21:34
Thanks Barry. Yep it's good to hear from another Geordie! Hope you enjoy your visits to the North East! Two of my lot are doing the Great North Run. The three of them are doing the Edinburgh Half Marathon. As I said, I think it's their way of coping just now.

12th July 2017, 13:10
I'd love to be there (in my wheelchair!) and come and join the walk with some of my family if that's okay? Where abouts are you meeting at 10.30am?

I love Sherwood Forest! xxxx

13th July 2017, 08:50
Hi Gemma,

We would love to see you at the event. I was intending to attach some info and registration forms to this thread but I am having issues uploading the files. If you can send me a pm with your email address I will forward the details that way. I am off now to do a recce on my scooter so I will update later.

Barry x

13th July 2017, 23:31
Long day with recce completed, risk assessment done and our local MNDA branch meeting. Huge support for the walk and my target of 100 people is half way to being filled.

Anyone interested in joining us is welcome and if you pm me I will send the details.


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