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17th July 2017, 18:38
I was invited to a Health & Well-Being Board Meeting last Thursday, mainly because they wanted my beautiful face in some publicity photos.

lots of important people there, well their's me and to a much lesser extent, my granddad.


Here is also a link to more photos on the Councils web page:-


Love Terry

17th July 2017, 18:57
How do you get all these invites Sweetie? It's not because of your charm ;) so you must be minor Royalty??

Love Chimp.

17th July 2017, 19:04
I just look up possible free lunches Ellie;

The trouble was it was granddad's turn to pay.

He is in photos, I managed to put him behind the poster, I asked him to hold it as the wind was blowing.

Hopefully the local press will interview me and get some more publicity for the Charter and the need for a specialist Mnd/neuro coordinator in our area.

Love Terry

17th July 2017, 20:48
Hi Terry,

Glad you had a great day, not to mention a free lunch. With all those important people I would have expected you to dress up rather than wearing that scruffy T shirt lol. I bet granddad was looking smart so rather than show you up you hid him behind the poster.


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