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24th September 2011, 16:01
Hi All,

How is everyone?

I'm doing good ;) been searching all week for a cheap 4x4 wheelchair as mine is on it's last legs :( Got stuck out in the middle of a ploughed field as my hobby is metal detecting, we found some really nice Roman coins, silver hammered coins and artefacts but cannot return until I get a replacement. A new replacement cost 10,500 grrr I don't think I'm gonna find a bargain like I did before but then again I did wait 7yrs and as the saying goes 'it comes to those who wait' lol

I hope all is well :p

24th September 2011, 17:35
Hi Jeannie, I hope you get a 4x4 chair sorted soon. I'm doing ok, been a bit quiet due to just feeling a bit fed up and bored. Got planning permission so it's all hands to the pumps now and get it built! Got 2 in garden now digging a big bloody hole to check foundations.

24th September 2011, 21:08
Hi Jeannie

Not sure what to suggest re 4x4 wheelchair, I will keep a look out on fle-bay for you!
I'm going on a cruise next week, bit nervous regarding getting around mind you, and the wifi is 5 per 10 mins- what a rip off.


Barefoot John
24th September 2011, 23:23
Hi Jeannie, all is cool here, my kids have been having great fun with their new toys as their both crazy about " lightning Mcqueen from the disney film "cars" lol, but other wise im really looking forward to the MND meeting down here in London tomorrow :)

25th September 2011, 15:50
Hi Jeannie, Look on e bay, there's a "Tamper" on there. I think the price is about 400.
Best wishes,
PS. Apart from the normal aches and pains I'm fine.

25th September 2011, 16:09
Hi CB. I don't think a Tramper would be much good for jeannie you need arm strength to use them, also it's a mk1 version which does not havegreat braking, or regenerative braking either!

Cheap mind you


25th September 2011, 16:49
Hi John, this link should take you to the e bay page. http://motors.shop.ebay.co.uk/Other-Vehicles-/33752/i.html?_armrs=1&_mdo=Cars-Parts-Vehicles&_mspp=&_pcats=9800
Perhaps you could advise Jeannie on it. You need to scroll down the page to find it. If it's no good for Jeannie then someone else may benefit from it. It's on there at 435.
Many Thanks,

25th September 2011, 17:41
It's here http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Mobility-All-Terrain-Electric-Vehicle-Tramper-/130579284202?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_3&hash=item1e6721c0ea#ht_500wt_922


25th September 2011, 19:10
Hi All,

Thanks all

Glad everyone is well ;-)

Chris, hope your extension goes smoothly. You didn't have to pay for planning permission did you?

John, I hope you and your family have a splendid cruise, I am very envious of you even though I don't like open water. You'll have a great time, some years ago a few pals from in and around the US all went on a cruise together and had a great time, they said it was the best time ever. It's a shame it's costly because we could of arranged a forum cruise for next year although a lot of ports are not wheelchair friendly :-( I wouldn't mind staying onboard. Maybe the MNDA would fund a forum cruise lol HINT HINT MNDA ;)

Hi John C, Glad everything is cool with you and your lovely kids are having fun with their new toys.

Stuart, thank you very much for the info on the Tramper but as John said you need good arm strength which I haven't got, however, as you said it will benefit someone else I am sure ;-)

I took my 4x4 out today and think the soft ploughed field is just too much for her, she was fine on more solid compacted ground. I will speak to the local mobility centre to see if she can be fitted with new upgraded motors and controller, after all she is clocking on 20 yrs old.


25th September 2011, 20:27
Jeannie, no I didnt have to pay, just needed a letter off doctor or OT, obviously opted for one off OT so I didnt need pay for the letter! The one good thing she did for me, she did make a point of saying "well if I do it you don't have to pay" smarmy get.

25th September 2011, 20:29
Hi jeannie

Thanks for your kind words, Sharon booked it for us - it was a bargain 1600 for the 4 of us! Only trouble is they only have an allowance of 12 wheelchairs, and after we booked it we phoned up to see if I could take one and they said no, grr... But they were ok taking a collapsable one but we have to hand it over when we get on the ship, if we go ashore we can have it back!

But funny we were saying after the AGM it would be good if we could organise a holiday with you lot..... And it would be less awkward, strength in numbers and all that - why don't we organise something? - I will check out Southampton for wheelchair friendliness and report back!


25th September 2011, 20:40
I suggest the MND Barmy Army 'ave it large in Ibiza next year ;-)
or maybe a nice canal trip down the avon....
or Disneyland Paris?

Cruise may be a bit tricky if only 12 chairs allowed at any one time

26th September 2011, 13:41
Hope we are all included!

26th September 2011, 18:00
Count me in!

28th September 2011, 01:59
Hi guys

Returned yesterday from a cruise to Alaska, just myself and my son, we had a good time lots of laughs and tears along the way,. It was a little rough at times so my sons drunken walk became normal around the ship lol. Cruising was awesome my son managed to get around so well it catered for his every need pretty much, all so compact and accessible. I would recommend this mode of travel; wheelchairs and all. It is costly I agree it would be great if the MND association could get subsidies for members.


28th September 2011, 16:00
Hi Jeanie
The disabled ramblig club might have something you need i.e a second hand one, I have tried to find there number ,but I have computer problems at the moment meaning my favorites are lost. Take care Norman

MND Connect helpline