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31st August 2017, 20:11
Hi everyone

I've reached the point where I have to embrace a rollator.
I can walk round the supermarket with a trolley and push my grandchildren in their prams but walking unaided is tricky and I really don't front safe anymore.
I'm quite small 5foot 3 inches and weigh 58 kg.
I don't know where to start looking, there seems to be so much choice and huge differences in price.
I don't need an indoor one at present or an all- terrain one! I'm not planning on hiking anywhere!
I would really appreciate any advice/recommendations.

Thank you

lost soul !
31st August 2017, 20:43
You really should not be having to sort out your genuine needs, that should be taken by proffesional people who have the experience to take on your care and needs and are employed to do just that. Get your doctor to contact the local MND association and start the ball rolling. Don't take no for an answer you deserve and will get more help than could believe,
keep in touch on the forum there are many people who will guide you and who have been there and done it.
Thinking of you, you are not alone.
Peter x

31st August 2017, 20:58
Hi Newbie,
I got to your stage just a couple of weeks ago. I see a physiotherapist and she sorted one out for me. She tried me with a couple of different ones and one was definitely too heavy. I'm a similar build to you.
Peter is right - you certainly shouldn't be sorting out something like this by yourself.
If you truly can't get help, or if it's going to take too long, I'll look out the paperwork for the model name of mine. Just keep in touch via the forum.
Take care,
Bern x

31st August 2017, 21:04
Hi 17;

Your OT should be sorting this out for you. They should provide basic equipment to help you stay safe and at home. They will also make sure that things are suitable and the right size for you. The basic ones they supply are quite good but can be awkward for some when folded.

If you in-touch with your local hospice, then there OT's may help quicker with the same things. Some people do buy them because some are neater or better on rougher ground. I would ask for one with bigger wheels.

Your \Mnda team might also get the ball rolling.

Love Terry

1st September 2017, 08:34
Hi Newbie,

Everyone is right about getting your OT to help but don't expect a rolls royce version.

Things to consider.
1. Weight when lifting in and out of the car.
2. How it folds as this is important when traveling and going into public places.
3. Does it have a seat when you want to rest.
4. Large wheels for stability.

I have an inexpensive indoor rollator with tray and basket which is handy for carrying drinks. My favourite is my outdoor Topro Troja which was bought for me by my local MNDA branch. I take it on trains, in taxis, restaurants and holidays and I even ordered a spare part after my wife dropped it down 5 stone steps.

Let us know how you get on.


1st September 2017, 11:39
Thank you guys.
I've spoken to my OT who is going to off for a few weeks! He's referring me to a physio who hopefully can advise.
I also need to get a stair lift. The weakness in my legs seems to have got much worse this past week and I can only get upstairs with my husband 's help. Not sure whether to rent or buy.
It's my fault for leaving all this so late. All your advice was to get things in place before you needed it.
Too proud and stubborn- so stupid of me! Next time I promise I'll listen!
Have a good weekend everyone.

1st September 2017, 12:14
Hi Newbie,
Ask your OT or physio about the stair lift too. I'm lucky where I am because they have organised that. Be warned though, from measuring, asbestos check, putting in electric whatever at the bottom of the stairs, has taken 9 weeks! Stair lift coming Monday. I think I hit the holiday season.

1st September 2017, 15:23
Hi Bern, I asked about the lift and my OT couldn't help or point me in the right direction other than tell me I wouldn't qualify for any
financial assistance.
Guess I'd better get on the case quickly.

1st September 2017, 15:28
Newbie, if you have to self-fund the stair lift, then definitely compare renting V buying one. I don't know if the MNDA offer grants for stair lifts.

Ellie x.

1st September 2017, 16:56
Hi girls, it's really unfair on how things work in different parts of the country. We wouldn't qualify for financial assistance either. My stair lift is under a scheme which means it's on long term loan but we don't pay anything. It will be taken out once I no longer use it. The only thing I would say is that my mother bought her stair lift. She has to pay for a service every year. This year, it's 8 years old and they've told her that they'll no longer cover it. They've actually suggested she rents one.

1st September 2017, 18:40
Thank you for all your suggestions.
Can I ask re Physios- I've had 2 NHS appointments which I'm told is my entitlement. I've paid for 2 private appointments with a neurophysio. Is this the norm?
I'm on the stairlift case, got 3 companies coming to
quote next week and I'll make contact with my local MNDA too.
Best wishes to you all.

1st September 2017, 19:33
Hi, I really don't know the answer. I think we must be really spoilt in the North East. I've had 4 appointments since I was officially diagnosed in May. I've also got another one later this month. I don't know what is the norm!
I'm glad you have stair lift quotes arranged.
Bern x

1st September 2017, 19:57
Thanks Bern, take care x

2nd September 2017, 11:15
I was advised by my Consultant that Physio would be of no use! After reading lots of articles I have asked again and have been referred but there is a wait-list. Meanwhile I would be interested to know what stretching exercises I should do to help maintain my mobility so any advise would be gratefully received.

2nd September 2017, 12:01
Hi Ann and welcome to the forum;

Physio's are of great use for most of us in giving us exercises to TRY to keep our flexibility and strength, and later on they are useful in making sure that our joint move etc.

The hospice could well be a place that will provide these services and have exercise classes.

Any movement or exercise will help as long as you don't over do it and are safe. I have a list of things that I do on another thread but most of us would find these impossible to do for long.

Best wishes, Terry

hayley J
5th September 2017, 10:15
Hi all,

I just wanted to share our information sheet on Physiotherapy in case it covered any other questions you have. I understand that all cases can be so different from each other, so it might not be relevant to all but it may well have some further information if the first few avenues you have tried haven't worked out.



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