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2nd November 2017, 23:41
Hi all,

Most of you will not have known or met our chair person and secretary of the Lincolnshire branch but Rob Biggs is the man I refer to and I am saddened to learn that he died after a brief period of illness earlier this week. Rob was a friend and colleague of the branch and following a period as secretary he stepped in, along with his wife to keep the group going.

Rob had lost his first wife to MND and he championed the cause afterward. He did so much to support the branch and had great organisational skills. He is a great loss to his family, friends and the MNDA and those that knew him hope he rests in peace.


3rd November 2017, 00:14
My condolences Barry to the loss of your friend, as well as his loss to the mnda community that he served.


3rd November 2017, 07:47
838 sorry

3rd November 2017, 10:54
Hi Barry,
That's so sad. Thinking of you.
Take care,
Bern x

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