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15th November 2017, 15:11
Hello everyone,

I lost my 61 year old dad to MND last year on my daughters 3rd birthday. Iím running the London marathon in April for MND and Iím looking for some ideas for fund raising. Iíve got to raise £2500 but would love to get well beyond this. If anybody has any ideas that would help Iíd love to hear them. Alternatively if you would like to sponsor me then Iíve got a just giving page. Let me know and I can give you the relevant details. Thank you

15th November 2017, 20:59
You've got to get onto Facebook and Twitter,social media works so fast and motor neurone disease needs the exposure
you may have noticed a lot of people seem to spend their life staring at their phones 839

16th November 2017, 00:20
Hi Gooner,

It is admirable that you are raising money for the MNDA in honour of your dad. Check the MNDA website and you will find a fundraising page which gives guidance on how to maximise your sponsorship.

Forgive me for saying that the majority of us on this forum are or have been involved in fundraising along with our family and friends so to ask for sponsorship falls on deaf ears but you would not necessarily know that.

Best wishes,

16th November 2017, 09:27
Hi Gooner,
As Barry said, it's a great thing you're doing. It's one way of fighting this tragic disease and I'm really sorry about your dad. It is sad that he died on your daughter's birthday.
Since my diagnosis earlier this year, my family, colleagues and friends have done lots of sponsored events - they tell me that it's their way of coping while doing something positive.
So good luck with the Marathon! If you haven't already contacted the MNDA, they help with T shirts etc.
Love Bern x

16th November 2017, 09:56
Hi Gooner, great to hear you are fundraising for us. Put a link in this thread to your Just Giving page or write on here how we can find you on Just Giving. Do we have to look for Gooner?
Best wishes

16th November 2017, 20:40
Gooner, My son did the last London Marathon and raised three thousand eight hundred for MND research. He had link via Virgin Money Giving and they provided the top and a badge. He and his wife are doing a local half marathon next year.
Best wishes John

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