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2nd October 2011, 14:53
hi all
last time i found some difficulties to shaving my face. nearly every time have some cuts on my chick but............from yesterday im so surprised when im change my razor from Gillette pro glide to King Of Shaves Azor 5
its more chi-pest then Gillette (3 replacement blade costs 10 where 3 blade King Of Shaves 4)
but becous this connection between hands and blade is so different its very hard to cuts U face
highly recommended

2nd October 2011, 21:32
What you need is a 14 year old son like I have. They love the idea of shaving. I get a good shave every night

3rd October 2011, 18:34
peter U are so lucky My daughter have only 5 and live 1100mile away from me so.....................its only hope is my own hands.

4th October 2011, 17:01
Why bother to shave? I often go several months without bothering, and have been told a beard suits me. I have to admit I prefer the clean shaving look but, in the interest of self preservation I go unshaven.

4th October 2011, 20:11
Hey Countryboy,
Keep your beard till Christmas. You could have a job!

Sorry to hear that Max, it`s nice to have family close. I remeber meeting you at the coference and you seemed a nice guy, or cool as the kids say. It has to be a razor, I`ve never had any electric jobs any good.


5th October 2011, 17:14
Hi Pete, Believe it or not I have been asked to play the part of Santa at two parties this year. The first is at my branch combined Christmas and 25th Anniversary Party, and the second is at Rookwood Hospital Neurological Rehab ward where I have my respite care. I played Santa at Rookwood last Christmas. The party was organised by the staff on the rehab ward for their children, the patients and their children. It was an event I will remember for the rest of my life. All those happy smiling little faces with eyes gleaming like beacons in the dark. I shall continue with the rehab party for as long as I am able. It was magic last year and will be this year now I know the routine I need to follow.
Best Wishes,

5th October 2011, 19:50
yes live far away from family is not easy task but now.....I have all of U
Electric .............always make some mess on my face + this quality is not enough for me

Crazy girl
8th October 2011, 09:40
Hi county boy,

What happens at rook wood hospital rehab and how did you get referred there? I've been looking for a hospice to support us but haven't been able to find anywhere? I've been trying to locate one based on sarah's comments on how good they are for her and as we have a young family I really feel like my husband needs more support.


8th October 2011, 10:11
Hi Tracy,

I just performed a quick google search on Bridgend hospice and came up with the following Sandville Court Hospice 01656 743344 Ton Kenfig, Bridgend, CF33 4PU and http://www.hospiceofthevalleys.com/en/home.htm dunno if they are close enough?

Crazy girl
8th October 2011, 10:16

As always you are are a help!

I'd looked up sandville before but not got the valleys one before, thanks for link.

Only thing I noticed with sandville is that they are linked to a church an neither me or my husband are religious at all so wasn't sure how that would sit?
A contentious issue for discussion I reckon?!


8th October 2011, 18:58
Hi Tracy, My MND nurse at one time worked in the Rehab wards at Rookwood. She knew the right people to talk to. As a result I get respite care in the rehab wards. Rookwood is being closed and the rehab unit is being moved to Llandough hospital. I will not be using Llandough for any respite care, the hospital is filthy dirty and is a disgrace. I've had the misfortune to have stayed there several times, and on each occasion come away with an infection.

The nurse who fixed it for me, Sandra Henry, is leaving her MND job in two weeks, and I do not know if she is going to be replaced. This will mean a lot more work for the second MND nurse Sue Broad, and I don't see how she will cope with the extra work load. If you do see Sue then she might be able to arrange some respite care for you. The trouble we have in Wales was caused by Jane Hutt who closed all care beds, this put tremendous pressure on the voluntary sector. They then were forced to close their doors to many cases in order to look after those they were set up to care for. The Cardiff branch at one time used Home Towers, Penarth, which is a cancer home but, I do not think we have any patients still using it. With the private sector in South Wales charging between 500 to over 800 per week respite care is not easily available.

Things have been made worse again with the Welsh Assembly Government doing away with free home health care and combining it with social care, which is charged for. There is no "Care in the Community" in Wales so people like us are faced with having to pay twice for health care. Yet nobody or organisation wants to take up the fight for what we are legally entitled to have free of charge. In fact the Welsh Assemble under Labour has broken the tenet on which it was founded. That guaranteed that the Nation Health Service as set up by Bevan would never be changed. So much for Labour and their values.

I think I am right in that your MND neurologist comes up from Swansea and might be Dr. Hadgikousis (Spelling). If you are under his care will you please give him my regards. He will know who I am if you say about watching the eclipse of the sun. We watched together from the back of our house in Llantwit. At that time he was based in Cardiff and travelled out to take blood samples from me for some research work he was involved in. If you have a word with your neurologist they might be able to get you in somewhere under the guise of having tests. Or if you do not mind having students practice on you that might be another possible way forward.

Best Wishes,
Stuart, aka CB or Countyboy.

19th October 2011, 00:38
The mrs bought me a philips nivea shaver and its a lot easier link below so you can see


I was never into electric razors previously but would not part with this one, her being a care assistant helped a lot

Barefoot John
19th October 2011, 09:45

I was looking at that model in Argos and might just get it now :)

24th October 2011, 13:28
Christopher does it give you a good close shave and is it easy to handle? Mic is struggling with his current shaver (also a Philips and not a cheap one!) that I bought him for Christmas last year. I shaved him with it this weekend and didn't think it did a particularly good job but he won't let me near him to do a wet shave - gets a bit nervous at the thought of me with cold steel in my hand :-D

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