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4th October 2011, 11:56
managed to get the local media behind an event we are organising, not a bad article really :D


4th October 2011, 13:35
Sounds like a great idea Adie. Hope it is a successful event and raises loads of money. Press article looks good too - with luck you should get more afterwards too.

5th October 2011, 08:52
Great article and photo ;-) good luck all and thank you ;)

Robyn Copley-Hirst
5th October 2011, 10:51
I read this yesterday afternoon, Adie. It was a good article and a great idea, too. Good luck with everything :)


5th October 2011, 19:37
Good luck adie great idea.:cool:

Crazy girl
8th October 2011, 09:45
Once again, you are an inspiration, good luck with it!


Z3 Driver
8th October 2011, 23:27
good luck mate, hope my friend Rob does his share, wish i could be there to help out in some way. my son Alex will be there to support you all , make sure he doesn't laze around. :)

18th October 2011, 22:24
Have been interviewed by BBC Radio Linclnshire for this aswell now, will post link to it as expecting it to air in next day or so. The team have this strange idea of me being put in a kayak for a couple of laps..... watch this space for a potential video worth 250 on U been framed !!

Event is this Saturday so hoping for lots of snow n wind ;-)

19th October 2011, 15:40
You paint an interesting picture! Do you mean 'snow' and 'wind'? Now I have got a fit of the giggles and can't stop!

23rd October 2011, 21:09
Had a fabulous event. All the lads did a sterling job of kayaking for the full 24hrs, all absolutely knackered but spirits never wained. Amazing support from loads of people and should have raised about 4,000 :-).

They lifted me into a two man boat and paddled me round with them all for the final lap today. Was great to be back on the water, but bit emotional for us all.

Just trying to think what to do next.... has anyone with quite limited mobility due to mnd done a tandem parachute jump? cos I fancy doing that :-)

23rd October 2011, 22:04
Glad it went well Adie, and raised plenty of dosh too!

I'm up for most things but parachute jump- id break my neck!


24th October 2011, 10:12
Great glad all went well, Adie :)

A few of my amazing and inspirational friends with als have done skydiving, you are braver than I lol here's a few video's




24th October 2011, 21:31
Good to hear it was a successful, if emotional day. Looking forward to hearing what you take on as your next challenge.

25th October 2011, 20:42
Well Done Adie

Proud of you !!! xx Ang

29th October 2011, 13:27
some piccies from the local press of the event.


29th October 2011, 20:58
Thats great Adie

Looks like you had a great day, and some good press coverage too...

Well done


30th October 2011, 16:15
Thanks for the pics Adie' Look like it was a lovely day.

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