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11th October 2011, 17:31
Family History of MND and muscle twitches for the last 18 months

Attended QE hospital Birmingham to be told all the blood that they tested came back as OK.They confirmed that the EMG i had done in June showed a difference in my left leg from the year before but said it was SENSORY nerve damage and not MOTOR nerve damage.The doctor did another clinical exam which he said showed some stiffness in my legs.

Have to have another MRI scan this time of my kneck but i dont believe this will show anything up.I find these days that any stressful situation makes the nerve pain i get much worse.Am currently taking 300mg of Pregabalin for pain relief.

Although i still dont know where this journey is going i still suspect that its going to turn out bad

11th October 2011, 21:22
hope you get to the bottom of things soon, keep a note of symptoms

whatever the outcome (hopefully not bad)- keep focusing on the positives then anything is possible, dont give in to whatever it is

11th October 2011, 21:44
Steve from my experience a MRI scan will not show anything nor will blood, mine said all was well :-(

My emg tests showed that that was a signal loss in my left arm that's all, I don't know if they are accurate to indicate where the problem originates from, but let's hope it's not

Keep your chin up


12th October 2011, 11:07
the sooner there is a definite test for mnd, the better :(

12th October 2011, 12:15
If I were you Steve I would stop worrying.Itwitched everywhere for 6 months then had weakness.4 months after twitching began emg was bad.So you have no clinical weakness or wasting ,Ithink it would have showed by now.
hope it goes well

13th October 2011, 09:47
Thanks guys for your kind words.Unfortunately this desease has claimed many many in my family and means my chances of having it are 50/50 and with the symptoms i have it is difficult for me to believe its anything else

13th October 2011, 16:19
The blood tests and MRI scans are done to eliminate other diseases, not to tell if you have MND. To date there are NO tests for MND

MND Connect helpline