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12th October 2011, 22:07
HI all can anyone give me some advice on BED SORES, its extreme pain lying or sitting which is all i'm able to do now, ive been prescribed CAVILON cream and spray that provides a protective coating but does not seem to be giving me much relief,they suggested a hospital bed incorporating a air mattress which iv'e now found out the waiting time could be anywhere up to 5mths :mad:
if anyone has any suggestions that would help :o

12th October 2011, 22:45
our district nurse gave us tegaderm hydrocoliod patches which have helped with johns sores they are available on prescription hope you get comfy soon xxIrene

13th October 2011, 02:19
Thanks Irene xellex

14th October 2011, 18:04
Hi Elle

Are they open sores? If they are you'll need help from your district nurse.

I've never had open sores, but do have periods when my bottom or side gets very red and painful. I tried Cavilon cream and it didn't help. When it happens to me now I use body butter a few times a day and rubbed in well. If you leave cream on the area, it remains wet and that doesn't help.

I also use foam pads, which I get from my hospice. They bring some relief when placed over the area. I try to sit on different surfaces every few hours too.

Even when I feel fine, I still put body butter on the areas that usually get sore. I normally have problems if I lose weight. Are you quite thin Elle?

I hope this helps.


14th October 2011, 21:53
Hi sarah iv'e not got open sores they are very painful pressure sores, i am unable to turn or switch positions, i was thin but have put on weight since being immobile iv'e tried cavilon cream/spray i wonder if i will ever be free of them as i can't avoid sitting in my wheelchair or laying down uncomfortable on my sides as my arms hurt' i do use moisturisers after each shower. my district nurse gave me the cavilon.

14th October 2011, 22:25
Hi Elle

Can you ask your nurse for some pressure relief pads? There are adhesive ones and non-adhesive. I wear a heel pad on my left shoulder every night, to protect it. I also have a recliner chair with pressure relief, which really helps. I got that from my OT.

Do you have pressure relief cushions on your wheelchair? Try body butter, either from the body shop or m&s. One nurse told me to slap on Cavilon and it just made me more sore. Nurses will never say use body butter, but I found that it works really well. I know how horrible it is. Is there any position that you can get comfortable in? How long have you been having problems for?

Sarah xx

15th October 2011, 17:55
Can only lie on my back really but thats still uncomfortabe iv'e been sore a few mths, i tend to lie on a sheepskin rug iv'e also got a top quality tempur mattress which i bought to help with the sores,i do have pressure relief cushion on my wheelchair.


15th October 2011, 18:35
Hi Elle,

Irene has never had pressure sores( touch wood) but she has a case worker attached to the local surgery who obsesses about it. She has provided a Transwave mattress for the bed, an Aura pressure reliefing pad for Irene's riser /recliner chair which the MNDA provided via Leeds Red Cross The pad has a small electric compressor and produces a constantly varying surface - sort of undulating beneath Irene as she sits. She has a pressure relieving pad on her wheelchair. We apply Sudocrem to her bum first and last thing each day. This all seems to do the trick.

Hope there is something in here useful for you. Irene spends her time in bed on her back. We have 2 feather pillows - nothing specialist.


16th October 2011, 11:56
Thanks for the info john.xellex

19th October 2011, 00:26
Will ask the Mrs later today Elle and post her comments as she's a long time care assistant should have an idea or two

20th October 2011, 00:12
Thanks CR how are you not seen any posts on forum from you for ages hope your well xellex p.s nice to hear from you:)

mysisters keeper
5th September 2012, 14:45
my sister had a bedsore for a year before she moved in with me - the would clinic used silver alginate for a while and kept it coverd then switched to promagran to bring the depth flush with her surface skin and it healed right up within 2-4 months

8th September 2012, 23:06
I think that you need to be stressing with the district nurse or OT that you cannot wait 5 months for a pressure relieving bed, if they are going to keep you waiting that long then ask to speak with the comissioners as clearly they dont have enough beds in your area

when you do get a bed, if it is not right then let them know. mum tried a few different types of pressure relieiving mattresses

hope the sores dont get worse

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