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12th October 2011, 23:20
Thought it a good idea for a MND patient xmas wish list (with a bit of luck MNDA might grant us

them lol) do they give us a xmas bonus too?

I would like a electric wheelchair friendly vehicle for starters PLEASE SANTA C.E.O:rolleyes:

Barefoot John
13th October 2011, 00:25
uhmm right this will be a very long list lol.
first to find a cure for MND but if not this year can i have:-

A new home.
A new computer
A new wife,
iphone4 s
new flat screen tv, fridge freezer, washing machine,
bus fares to get my kids to nursery,
money to pay my electric bills,
new toys for my kids,
cant think of much more oh yeah,, someone to come in and wipe my bum for me

13th October 2011, 03:21
Get real john lol xellex

Barefoot John
13th October 2011, 08:21
ok, i will change my list and be more realistic

I want the CEO's bank balance, that should sort me out with so much money that i can buy anything to make me and my kids life more happy

13th October 2011, 14:02
my wish is sorted out my new mortgage deal and pay hem back
and receive all document whit granting DLA
..................................see me daughter more often.......


Z3 Driver
13th October 2011, 15:16
this year Santa i would be happy with just 2 new arms. they can be any size any shape , with or without tattoo's , any colour , second hand is fine as long as they work so i can hug my loved ones again and drive my beloved Zed once more.

i've been a good boy all year :D

13th October 2011, 19:57
2 new arms
2 new legs
a guarantee that I'll see my daughter grow up
a naturist 18 yr old female swedish gymnast carer ;-)

Z3 Driver
14th October 2011, 00:11
a naturist 18 yr old female swedish gymnast carer ;-)

make that 2 santa baby :D

Barefoot John
14th October 2011, 00:27
make that 3 please :)

14th October 2011, 01:41
I sure MNDA will do there best for you three it will go under personal care massage wont it?:D

14th October 2011, 11:04
Rather than dream why not try reality. There seems to be progress in the treatment of Motor Neuron Disease. Look at Neuralstem results 1 guy out of 12 seems to have lost all his symptoms. Look at NP001 results on patients like me website. Look at Sodium Chlorite results on the same website.Go into treatments and type in NP001 or Sodium Chlorite. Real improvements for real people. If you want to try it for yourself - and what have you got to lose? - look at ALS TDI website " forums" and the thread on Oral Sodium Chlorite. All the information you need for do it yourself treatment. Nobody in the U K can offer you any hope but this can. These are real results of the disease progression being stopped and some of the symptoms reversed. AS I say what have you got to lose?

P S My wife is on patients like me as Millstones. You can see her progress in just a week of this medication. She is in a bad way with an FRS at 14 when she started - now 16. All you need to try it is 35 for the Sodium Chlorite, 7 litres of distiiled water and 7grams of salt. I'm selling nothing just suggest you give it a go - you might get your life back.

Robyn Copley-Hirst
14th October 2011, 11:51
Thanks John,

For anyone who missed the ongoing thread John refers to on NP001 - here it is (http://forum.mndassociation.org/showthread.php?696-Neuraltus-NP001&p=4424&highlight=intravenous#post4424). You'll find all the links to the forums John mentions within that thread.

And here is the research blog post from Dr Brian Dickie (http://mndresearch.wordpress.com/2011/09/13/np001/), discussing the trial and how NP001 is likely to work and what this means for reported rapid changes in those on the trial etc... it's quite a detailed post for anyone who hasn't read it.

Hope this helps those who haven't seen the original discussion,

Just as a side note, the disclaimer that we cannot endorse the use of homemade sodium chlorite solution to be taken orally for the treatment of MND. Taking a homemade chlorite solution entails serious risks and there is no reliable evidence to suggest that oral chlorite can be of any benefit. If you are considering
taking sodium chlorite solution, we would urge you to discuss it with your neurologist or GP first.


14th October 2011, 12:40
my mrs has just seen the thread & my post. She has now cancelled christmas in our house :-(

Z3 Driver
14th October 2011, 12:45
Im at the Hallamshire Sheffield on wednesday , and will run this by Prof Shaw and her team. Surely if this was a proven treatment then we'd all be on it :confused:

your right nothing to lose, is anyone tempted to do this ?

santa can i also have some Sodium Chlorite and a large straw :D

Barefoot John
14th October 2011, 14:24
pmsl G60dubber. love it :)

oh santa make that 2 lots but only straws for Z3 please,

14th October 2011, 16:44
Dear Santa, please can I have a cure for MND.
Love CB.

14th October 2011, 19:02
Dear Santa, please can I have a cure for MND.
Love CB.

Might not be a cure but beats anything else in the last 150 years.

See my post above

15th October 2011, 01:55
As the person who created the oral sodium chlorite site (after people found out about my own self-experimentation), I would like to clarify the warning I put on the site: At the concentration we are using it is very safe (it's less than the amount NP001 puts directly in a vein). However if you confuse your measurements it can be very hazardous. So pay attention.

As for the lack of evidence of efficacy: THAT IS THE PURPOSE OF THE SITE. There is very little data indicating efficacy for NP001, too, but it is in trial nonetheless. We relied on the same preclinical data as Neuraltus, and devised a way for people excluded from the official clinical trial a way to play along with a method to introduce chlorite in a way that is safe, simple, and cheap. Our protocol has drawbacks in terms of no guaranteed amount of chlorite reaching the blood. However, it is still a viable delivery method behind IV and suppository (serious. stop giggling). We don't know if it will work. But it's easy to try so we must. Hopefully we will see efficacy. But like countless other trials we won't know until enough people report in over time.

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