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2nd April 2018, 07:18
I hope there is somebody who can answer this. Rumba on this forum has been prescribed Propantheline Bromide (Pro-Banthine) tablets for excess salivation. The label on the box says it should be taken minimum of 2 hours after food and then to wait 1 hour after giving the tablet, before giving any food. Is this instructions are the same for others who are taking these tablets?

I wonder the 2 hour and 1 hour waiting periods regarding food are because low pH (ie.highly acidic environment) in some way destroy what is in the tablet or affects the effectiveness of the drug. Rumba is suffering form a bad yeast infection. I need to give her cranberry juice (or anything to keep urine acidic to discourage the growth of yeast) and like to replace water with it. But if the acidity in the stomach affects the efficacy of Propantheline Bromide (Pro-Banthine) tablets , I need to think some other measures like antibiotics since her salivation is as bad and stressful as anything else.

2nd April 2018, 10:59
Hi Jay,

Sorry to hear that Andrea is having problems.

Food affects the bioavailabilty (amount of active ingredient that is absorbed) of the drug, hence it is taken on an empty stomach .

If the yeast infection persists, for Andrea's sake, it will need to be treated medically. Yeast infections are treated with antifungal meds (some interact with Pro-Banthine but the GP should know/check this) - antibiotics sometimes cause thrush as they destroy good bacteria too. Meds which reduce saliva can cause urinary retention, so bear that in mind. Also, water is good in keeping mucus thin, so maybe use it in conjunction with the juice unless it's short-term only.

Take care,
Love Ellie.

2nd April 2018, 11:57
Thanks very much Ellie. Waiting for tomorrow to contact the GP.

2nd April 2018, 12:11
Yes Jay, it's Sod's Law that these things happen over long weekends isn't it :rolleyes:

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