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Barefoot John
17th October 2011, 18:45
And to think that someone on this forum said that "London is a shitty place to live or die"

Well i asked for an OT and now i have 3 OT's lol,.

I got a neuro OT.
a assistive technology OT
and a social services OT.

Now i'm sure between them all, i should get a easy life now not forgetting my new very professional extremely fast acting social worker.

and to top it all i just got award band 1 in rehousing to a more suitable home for me and my kids,

17th October 2011, 19:50
Good for you John. I hope they will find you a good place to live quickly.
All the Best,

Z3 Driver
17th October 2011, 19:51
nice one John,

must say i have been really impressed by the help and support from Rotherham Metropoitan Borough Council, in assistive technology, social services, welfare rights, the grants team, my great OT and my neuro matron.
The carer's that come to me are also great. Makes these terrible times so much more bearable. :)

18th October 2011, 08:57
my borough are helping me a lot

I got a good OT and social worker

18th October 2011, 12:26
Hi John..
I have found that th local OTs are limited, the house I lived in could not addapt without spending loads of money, the council would not pay anything . so we moved to a converted bungelow, It was built in the the 30s but it was completly refurbished, and part of our deal with the builder was to convert the dineing room into a wet room. In sussex if you want it to happen, you have to make it happen and pay the cost, consequently, we have little money and hope that nothing goe's wrong. Norman

Barefoot John
18th October 2011, 15:54
Hi Norman, the sound of living in a old converted bungalow is what i would love,

When you have lived in London most of your life, its so good to get out in to the country.

I love the old buildings and yes they do cost a bit to do up but the style alone is worth.

I have always said that if i came in to some good money, i wanted a stone cottage, old bungalow or a converted barn but alas i still live in council home.


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