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15th July 2018, 18:10
Iím just wondering what peopleís experiences are of going abroad on holiday with MND? I see there are some disability holiday websites out there, has anyone used them, or could recommend certain ones?
At the minute I can still walk, just, with a walker, but would need a wetroom with all of the grab rails etc, easy access to a pool, etc.
Is it more hassle than itís worth going on holiday with MND or are there some really good places out there adapted to disability needs?

15th July 2018, 19:40
Hi Jen
I would go while you are still walking it's obviously a lot harder when you have to take a powerchair with you . I know you can get good accommodation but personally never been

We have always gone abroad especially Italy but just got my memories now . I feel it would be too stressful as I am in a wheelchair so we are going to Llandudno next week , where it is nice and flat and easy to get out .

I am sure someone will give you some good advice about holidays abroad.

Love Chris

16th July 2018, 21:13
A couple of years ago I went to an adapted villa with accessible pool etc in Portugal. Luz del Sol algarve. It was recommended by a fellow forum member. It provided exactly what was advertised. Another place to look is Euan's Guide. Bon voyage!

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