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13th August 2018, 09:58

When I was diagnosed with MND when I was 50, I took my occupational pension monthly (instead of a lump sum). I now get PIP and Mobility allowance (both higher rate). My wife gets carers allowance.

Is there anyway I can get ESA or something similar?


13th August 2018, 11:07
Hi Chris,

Unfortunately you can either claim pip or esa but not both. I suggest pip is better because it carries on beyond state pension and will allow you to get a Motability vehicle if required.

Best wishes,

13th August 2018, 11:58
Hi Chris

Steve received both PIPs and ESA until retirement age when ESA stopped and he received his State Pension. Everything was done over the phone so you need all information when talking to them. They did send some paperwork out to fill in too, but it was backdated to date we made the phone call.

13th August 2018, 15:15
Hi Chris
You can only claim PIP up to state retirement age.
Over 65(at present) you wouldn't get PIP at all.
PIP with the mobility element is more generous.

13th August 2018, 17:20
Hi again Chris
I have looked at a few sites and I think you should be able to make a claim for contribution based ESA.
That is not affected by other benefits you receiveYou may need an assessment but definitely look at making a claim.

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