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23rd October 2011, 17:40
I found the Woodhead Foundations website though an article which John aka Jadedjohn ((Thanks John xx) posted on Facebook so thought I'd share it here http://woodheadfoundation.org/mnd.php

The following is a quote by Chris from the news article :

"Before I leave, he asks me to remember the work of the Chris Woodhead Foundation, which he set up to help those with MND who are less affluent than he is.

He explains its purpose: ‘Supposing you were a dad diagnosed with MND; you had three children and no money coming in and your greatest wish was to take the kids to Disneyland. Maybe I’m getting sentimental in my old age, but that’s what the foundation is for: it’s to make a dream come true for that dad and his family,’ he says.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2052095/I-roll-wheelchair-cliff-Dignitas-good-way-says-Motor-Neurone-crippled-Chris-Woodhead.html#ixzz1bclcRSQI "

MND Care:

Motor Neurone Disease Care

Providing care and support for those living with or affected by MND

What we do

We employ regional support workers who provide specialist care in assisting newly affected families. This involves, from the onset of immediate diagnosis, providing the guidance, expertise and support for families to navigate through the challenges ahead.

Why we do it

We understand that many lives are affected by MND. For those living with the disease, they know that there is currently no cure for MND and eventually time will take over. Time is of the essence and once diagnosed, our team of experts are there to provide immediate practical support and assistance. Those with MND will have many concerns and questions where our trained and knowledgeable staff can provide instant help.

As diagnosis is a slow process of eliminating other possible illnesses first, in many instances some 18 months after first experiencing symptoms, the disease can rapidly incapacitate muscles and change lives. Our support workers will be on hand to care as necessary, provide expertise in accessing needed resources quickly and advise family and friends on how best to support.

Ensuring Dreams are not Forgotten

What we do

We enable families to enjoy experiences together which they may have thought impossible following diagnosis of MND.

Why we do it

CWF helps families to make the most out of the precious time they have left together. Families often promise themselves ‘that next year we will have the holiday of a lifetime’ or that ‘when we retire we will have more time to spend with our children and grandchildren.’ We want to make the dreams of ‘one day’ come alive today, before time does run out.

Our team of co-ordinators, support workers and volunteers work with CWF partners to help make these dreams come true, whether it is funding a family’s expenses to spend Christmas together or to enjoy a foreign holiday one last time.

CWF allows those living with MND and their family to focus on what is important-enriching their remaining time together.

23rd October 2011, 19:32
thanks for posting this - i seem to spend more time on FB than on here nowadays - when i can prize my ipad off Louis (he's addicted to playing Army of Darkness on it!)


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