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5th September 2018, 02:51
Hi this is the first time I have posted on the site my wife has MND but I have a mobilty car but my wife is getting a new power chair which ways 20st would I be able to change my car for a Wav thanks fewbits

5th September 2018, 10:05
Hi Fewbits and welcome to the forum.

I love your title and it describes us perfectly as few bits are working but that’s just my warped sense of humour. Anyway to answer your question Motability are sympathetic to changes in mobility and they will consider a change of vehicle. Depending on how long your current lease has to run they will want a payment to adjust the values of the respective vehicles. I suggest you call them and explain the situation.

Best wishes,

5th September 2018, 12:15
Hi Fewbits and welcome to the forum;

Quite a few people Mnd people have to change Mobility vehicles, you will probably have to make a down payment on a WAV on top of the mobility payment. This can be in the region of 5,000.
Try a similar WAV with your wife in the power wheelchair before you commit to make sure it's suspension is good for the extra weight over the rear wheels.

Bets wishes, Terry

5th September 2018, 16:34
thank you Barry

5th September 2018, 16:36
Thank you Terry for the useful information

5th September 2018, 22:08
We changed our Motability car for a wav. We had to get permission to change from Motability. We had to have a year left on his PIPs. We had to put just over 6000 down on our Wav but depends on what you need. Ours was a large vehicle as Steve's power chair didn't fit in the smaller ones. The company you choose will bring out wavs for you to try. They will give you a grant towards this which is means tested. If they don't tell you about it ask them.


5th September 2018, 22:48
Hi Sue;

What WAV did you get and what are the good and bad points about it?

Having a longer car does normally mean that the wheelchair can be a little more forward so it can be reclined. Also if the wheelchair is a little bit further forward compared with the rear wheels it can give a little bit better ride.

Love Terry

6th September 2018, 18:29
Hi Terry

Steve's chair is quite long because he drives it with a footplate and has to sit reclined because of his neck pain.

We have a Ford Indepence which is long wheelbased . It is a large van like a minibus. The pros are it gave us the space we needed, 4 seats plus driver. We wanted something we could take the grandchildren out with us and extra wheelchair or equipment. Steve has a disabled sister and we take her out. Steve sits between the two back seats. The cons are that it isn't a comfortable ride for Steve springs seem non existent. It isn't easy to park if no disabled parking spaces available, but it is easy to drive. We had the Wav from Allied Mobility.


The only other van he fitted in was a long wheelbase VW Caddy but we didn't have any room to put equipment etc in

6th September 2018, 18:43
Thanks for the info Sue;

I wonder if it's got van springing for a tonne of weight in the back. I was thinking that you probably have a VW Caddy.

I have recently bought a Kia Sedona. It to is VERY wide, quite long and has firm springs. I do go in from a ramp on the back but sit beside the driver which gives a better ride for me and I can communicate. Loads of space but it is hard to use it because the route has to be cleared for me to drive in and out.

Love Terry

6th September 2018, 20:57
Few bits, I am in wheelchair Salsa M2 and that bit heavy. I have WAV car a Citreon Berlingo automatic and very good car for me and my carer/wife finds it easy to drive. It very easy to get in and out of. Best wishes John

8th September 2018, 00:40
Thanks every one for your reply,s I have a Ford focus estate at the moment Mary doesn't get the new wheel chair till the extension and ramp is finished thank again for the information cliff &Mary

8th September 2018, 20:20

We know someone who has a Kia Sedona but they sit behind the passenger seat. Suppose it depends on how they have been converted. But sitting in the back does make communication difficult.

Steve has a salsa M2 but because he drives it with his foot it makes the chair longer so he didn't fit in the smaller vans, which when looking at wavs I was bothered about driving a big van but I have got used to it.


23rd October 2018, 21:10

Did you have this car adapted for you to sit in the front?
Did you have to pay towards it?
Is it a normal looking car?

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