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23rd October 2011, 18:07
Hi all,

As some of you know my wife and I live in Spain. We have put our house up for sale, dreadful time to do it but needs must.

A question, please. We feel a retirement flat will be our best plan so should we look for a flat near to a MND Care Centre? South of England is our choice as both our daughters live there.

kind regards to all


23rd October 2011, 21:54
Hi Michael -

The link below is to a page on the main MND Association website that will show you all the care centre locations, and from that you can decide which would be the nearest for you and therefore easier to access, considering your wish to relocate in the 'South of England'.

Each of the centres listed has full contact details, although I'd recommend a call to MND Connect (a link to their page is on one of the tabs at the top of this page) because they can give you the 'heads-up' on GP registration and referrals, plus put you in touch with the regional care coordinator for your 'new' area. In fact your daughters could do this for you if a call to the UK would be difficult or expensive, the good folk at MND Connect will be quite happy to discuss your options on returning to the UK.

Your daughters will also need to scout out the properties in their areas which might be suitable - and you can take a little comfort in knowing that all property prices are depressed at the moment, so your new home might also be less expensive than before the recession.

Good luck with the move and keep in touch.

Best wishes,


24th October 2011, 08:55
Hi Michael,

We were in a similar sitution in France but are now in the process of selling but we have had to move back to the UK whilst I could still drive.

The MND were invaluable in supplying information and guidance especially in services available in my new area and put the NHS Neuro nurse in touch.

As a result within ten days of arriving I had been visited by the Nuero nurse who then arranged Physio and OT who have all called on me.

The authorities turned me down for a blue badge! But MND guided me with appeal procedure and the OT came with the appeal papers and has sorted it.

We got a buyer five minutes before we left France and we sincereely hope that you can soon find a buyer.

Good Luck and best wishes,


24th October 2011, 11:19
Hi Mike and Ian,

Thank you for your great replies. The estate agents hope to have some potential buyers to look at our house over the next few weeks. Your return to the Uk looks to be a dream Ian, My wife and I hope we can do the same. So will keep in touch.

Best wishes


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