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16th November 2018, 10:31
Has anyone been assessed and told they must help toward the cost of a ground floor extension for a wet room and bedroom, we have been told we must pay 15000 towards the build.

16th November 2018, 11:07
Hi David

I applied for funding to help with the cost of converting our integral garage and downstairs toilet into a bedroom and wet room. My application was rejected mainly due to the fact that I was still working, so we had to fund the alterations ourselves. The company who carried out the assessment did offer to project manage the alterations for us at a cost of 10% of the total build cost. I declined their 'kind' offer. Our alterations cost about 18000. (ouch!)


16th November 2018, 12:30
Hi David;

I guess they have means tested you and you either have over about 20,000 of savings or an income like Andy.

Sometimes it's worth getting things done privately especially if you have friends in the trade.

Love Terry

17th November 2018, 23:05
Hi David I've just had a means test for house adaptions for downstairs bedroom and our garage converted to wet room. We were told we needed to make a payment of 17000 ha ha ha ! I am still working at the moment and I was told when I do finish work it might go down to 10000 and even lower if my pension is lower. They are having a laugh 1. I'm only 50 years old 2 we still have a mortgage 3 we have a dependant child 4 I need my pension to live on and 5 they ask if you have savings of 6000 or more which we don't.

It's an absolute joke has if it isn't a hard enough battle with this cruel disease.

We are looking at other options but it's so hard when you need it but it's so expensive.

Love Ginger

18th November 2018, 13:07
Hi David;

I guess they have means tested you and you either have over about 20,000 of savings or an income like Andy.

Sometimes it's worth getting things done privately especially if you have friends in the trade.

Love Terry

Hi terry, yes they means tested us, although my wife gets pips at the high rate, they based the test on my state pension and a small private one, my wife was on half paly and ssp, we had about 40.000 saved, because of the system, I can't claim carers allowance, my wife is to young to claim attendance allowance, welfare rights say to claim esa in January when her half pay stops, our funds have dropped to around 30.000 at present, out of that we have to pay the 15000 towards the extension, the sting in the tale is my wife will probably not reach pension age and the government are denying us these allowance's. is it the governments ambition to leave people scraping to make ends meet.

18th November 2018, 14:11
We got a through floor lift which is really effective. The MNDA contribited towards this through their grants. The council paid for our wet room. We felt that this was much less disruptive than an extension .

18th November 2018, 18:17
Hi David;

It might be worth asking Mnda connect about what you are claiming to make sure you are getting everything you can.

I would be surprised if you were given anything towards a extension if your savings are over 20,000.

I have thought about spending my savings so that I can claim things and have free days out at activity centers. Other people have one or two days out at places free but it would cost me in the region of 50 so I don't go.

Life just an't fair in so many ways.

You should be able to get a one band council tax reduction, and free prescriptions if you meet certain criteria.

Not sure what else.

Love Terry

16th March 2019, 08:26
Hi AndyB,

We have just had our DFG rejected mainly due to the fact I am still working so we too need to fund the conversion of our garage to wet room and bedroom. We are currently making initial arrangements and have had a rough estimate of 18,000 this would include ceiling hoist This will be very hard and I have contacted MNDA and my work charity for any grant. Did you get grants from anyone to assist with the cost of the build, etc?

16th March 2019, 17:00
Make sure you get all the VAT exemptions you are entitled to for the build.

16th March 2019, 17:13
Further to Miranda's post, Government's guidelines about VAT relief:-

http://https://www.gov.uk/guidance/vat-relief-on-certain-building-work-if-you-have-a-disability (https://www.gov.uk/guidance/vat-relief-on-certain-building-work-if-you-have-a-disability)

http://https://www.gov.uk/guidance/vat-relief-on-certain-goods-if-you-have-a-disability (https://www.gov.uk/guidance/vat-relief-on-certain-goods-if-you-have-a-disability)

Best wishes,

16th March 2019, 19:29
Thank You Miranda

16th March 2019, 19:30
Hi Kayleigh

Thank You very much for this

Love Darren

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