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26th October 2011, 23:49
Hi all
can anyone suggest any nice food supplements that mum can try.
since eating/ drinking is difficult and mum has refused a PEG she has been given ensure, but she really cant tolerate it.

palliative care team have suggested some other brands for mum to try.
trying to explain that mum cannot have things that are sharp etc as her taste buds have changed with MND.
just wondering if anyone has any liquid food/drinks that we could ask to try?

27th October 2011, 16:18
Hi Luce

my partners mum had MND and she used ensure too but found it left a funny taste in her mouth, so we used to make her "smoothies" with other things in to make it taste a bit nicer and so she still got all her nutrients. we used to pretty much blend anything up for her although she did end up with a PEG eventually.

when she could still eat she used to like soup with chunks of bread in so it was quite soggy and it went down ok, but not sure if this would be too much for your mum? normally just plain tomato but that can be quite sharp too, so maybe try a different sort and blend it if it's chunk?

Hope this helps

27th October 2011, 19:03
Hi Luce

I think I've tried them all and didn't like any of them. Hayley's idea about smoothies is good. The only thing I didn't mind were some puddings (can't remember if they were Ensure). But the dietician told me that I might as well eat normal puddings.

Can your mum manage blended food? You can add cream and butter if she can.

I hope you'll find a supplement that she'll like, but I couldn't tolerate anything but the puddings.

All the best


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