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21st November 2018, 20:27
Has anybody found an electric toothbrush which fits onto a suction machine? I've convinced Michael to stop cleaning his own teeth after one too many cases of aspiration but he's not impressed with the outcome. The brushes I've encountered are all tiny, like a baby's brush and the one we having at the moment is a Kimberly Clark soft-headed single use. Has anyone come across a toothbrush that does a really good job, apart from the electric one you can get from the USA which looks amazing but costs $379 :eek:

21st November 2018, 21:43
Hi Julip;

It Michael using a low or no throf tooth paste?

I can't help much with other tooth brushes, I have a old lower speed electric revolving other as some others vibrate to much.

Love Terry

22nd November 2018, 00:14
Thanks Terry. He refuses to use low froth so has the tiniest smear of Colgate. I am finding the district nurses to be really disorganised when it comes to equipment which is slightly specialised.

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