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26th October 2011, 23:51
can anyone suggest shower chairs/ comodes
mum has one, however we now find that it does not fit into the shower cubicle that was installed
the OT spoke about tilt ones so that if mum cannot hold her body weight she could still get in the shower.
we are looking into the pros and cons of specific shower chair/comodes

essential as the doorway to the bathroom is too narrow for the wheelchair to get into because of the turning angle

27th October 2011, 10:30
Hi Luce,
I use a Freeway reclining shower chair/comode, and can recommend one but they are quite large and expensive.
Regards Mark
p.s. the version I have is designed to go over my Clos-o-mat.

27th October 2011, 18:43
Hi Luce

Did your OT measure up before your shower cubicle was installed? I'm asking because my OT measured it wrongly and my shower chair wouldn't fit. They had to remove it and install a bigger cubicle.

Can't your OT order a shower chair? I had the one that went over my closomat and tilted, but it was too big for me. My OT moaned when I asked for a chair with a hole, saying that they can't use the big chair. I told her to give it to someone else!

I hope you find what you need. If your OT has made a mistake with the cubicle measurements, they should put it right.

All the best


28th October 2011, 00:06
Hiya Sarah and Mark
thanks for the replies.
The OT is very helpful, i will speak with her. I dont think the shower chair was measured when the shower cubicle went in, and also since then the closomat has been installed. Mark, do you have a riser on the closomat? Mum has a riser that slowly sits her on the loo from standing. think it would be difficult to get a shower chair over that? Since the closomat is an add on it now means that the bathroom is a bit cramped without much space to manouvere. I will check out the freeway and post what mum ends up with

28th October 2011, 10:19
Hi Luce,
No I do not have the riser on my Clos-o-mat.
Regards Mark

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