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Doug Carpenter
30th November 2018, 11:50
Well, y’gotta laugh!

This morning, in the post, I received:

1. A letter from my GP reminding me to have my annual PSA blood test.
2. A bowel cancer screening kit.

You never know, I might live long enough with MND to die of something else!

Now there’s a thought……


30th November 2018, 12:41
Hi Doug,

When I was chatting to my GP about MND stuff I said to him "at least I know what I will from" to which he replied (after having hearty Irish laugh)...." don't be so sure - other forms of death are still available"

Certainly made me smile.



30th November 2018, 13:25
I like your sense of humour Doug and Chas!
Interesting that although we have MND, we still get invited by the NHS for cancer screening. I take it that if someone with MND was also diagnosed with cancer, they would still be eligible for treatment such as radiotherapy or chemotherapy -otherwise why would NHS offer them cancer screening in the first place?
(Just one of my random thoughts)

Kayleigh x

30th November 2018, 16:20
Being diagnosed with Mnd does make you worry less about getting cancer and other things

Doug Carpenter
30th November 2018, 16:22
Absolutely Terry!


30th November 2018, 16:37
I agree Terry.

As the saying goes ... 'What will be, will be'.

I have had enough of medical tests/examinations for one lifetime and now I even swerve going to the dentists (sorry Mr Dentist - no more money from me!).

Kayleigh x

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