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27th October 2011, 00:54
mum had a visit about a new wheelchair (since the current one and the one before that are not safe for outdoor use) - anyway, new chair arrived (NHS)- it did not fit into the lift

so a tip for anyone getting a lift installed: if you have a wheelchair think if it will last you as you dont want to find yourself in a position where you cant get around your house because the chair is too big


27th October 2011, 16:36
Hi Luce,

Mick tends to use his scooter for round the house and in the lift as it is a little more versatile than his power chair (which we had to wait months for as had to be a special order to fit in the lift), but we sent his scooter in for a service last Monday so went to use his power chair and nothing (we always keep it charged up for doctors etc as more comfy ride) battery charger had packed up so they came out to it and checked it out and replaced it but had to wait for the batteries to charge. We also have a manual wheelchair as a backup and guess what ? it won't fit in the lift what a nightmare.!!! We couldn't get his scooter back quick enough, taught us a hard lesson though . Ang

27th October 2011, 20:12
We have to remove the footplates from my manual wheelchair to get it in the lift. It's a very small chair too! I don't get it :confused:


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