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9th December 2018, 10:33
I have had such a sore for the past two days, my wife has had the same but for longer.
I have tried paracetomol , saline nebuliser, Difflam all to no effect
Its affecting my breathing and my throat feels very constricted both sitting upright or laying down.
I can breathe in but cant breather out without making a vocal sound. Its much harder than breathing in
Also if I yawn and inhale deeply then theres a few seconds where I cant breathe out at all, then as the pressure gradually relases by making a noise I get to a point where I can fully breather out.
I am off to see a GP shortly but I'm guessing I'll get the " its a virus" diagnosis which I understand but I cant sleep and I'd be grateful for any advice on what else can be done, if anything?
Kind regards

9th December 2018, 12:31
Hi Dave,

If it's viral, you're right, antibiotics won't help but if GP think there's even a hint it's bacterial, get an antibiotic.

Whatever our pre-MND thoughts (and GP's!) were on antibiotics, now they're essential.

You can buy a throat spray with a lidocaine local anaesthetic which helps a lot.

Good luck.

Love Ellie.

9th December 2018, 12:37
Oh btw, if you haven’t yet had the flu shot or the pneumonia vaccine, do get them. GP might not give you them today, but it’s a priority for you.

9th December 2018, 13:56
Thanks Ellie,

We came away from the Drs with antibiotics, more for a precaution than anything, she did all the checks and I suppose it is a matter of waiting for it to get better, he has had both shots and we are waiting for a feeding tube to be fitted, it is the second viral infection we have both had within three months, makes me feel really ill so must be horrible for him, thanks again,

Love Mandy

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