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17th December 2018, 14:26
Am I being paranoid or is this more motor neurone damage?

Wisdom in this forum would be welcome as ever.

I had a bad cold over the weekend which settled in my chest and in coughing I seem to have pulled muscles in my intercostal (stomach and chest area) area - which strangely seemed to ache more on my left hand side the my right hand side.

And of course my current damage is in my left hand and arm.

I also seem to have a weird sort of feeling in my left lower back- I can't describe it really but it's just almost like it feels a bit dead - not cramp. But it comes and goes - a kind of buzzing.

So could this be more development of my disease?

With warm wishes for a peaceful, productive and positive 2019


17th December 2018, 19:45
Andy, Guess what my MND is down my left side. Formally diagnosed May 2014 and year before I had pain in my left hip and assumed to long in the front row. I did see a Physio and he told me left leg bit shorter. So later on was struggling to walk and now on the site to stand hoist have put bit wood on left so better balance. I am in my wheelchair all day and luckily a very comfortable seat. I have also got a bit of pain in my left arm and rear ribs on left. The back rest bit to bent to left so will get one my lads to bend it out bit, I have done before. My left arm I set in a plastic foot pad and this comforts and supports it well. The visiting MND nurse thought I was clever. Hope your pain gets better.
I suggest have a word with the nurse I do set of daily exercises using the tilt on the wheelchair so legs moving up and down and pulling left arm around with right arm does help.
Best wishes John

19th December 2018, 15:54
Dear John

Andy, Guess what my MND is down my left side..............................

Thank you for comforting me as you have with your response.

Strangely I just discovered that the coughing as a result of chest infection I have has in fact strengthened my intercostal muscles and the aching was not a weakness but lack of use.

I have quite a large lung capacity as a legacy of my racing cycling and and unless I do cycle and move around quite a lot I don't drain the base of my lungs.

My back on the other hand continues to feel quite strange.

Anyway my best wishes to you for a peaceful, productive and positive 2019.


19th December 2018, 16:13
Hi Andy,

Interesting point you raised about breathing. I have just returned from physio and the therapist was showing me some breathing exercises. She said that they help to strengthen the diaphragm and are useful to aid clearing mucus, especially during a cold. It was also suggested that following the exercises she would expect an improvement in my voice projection.

Best wishes,

19th December 2018, 17:20
Hi Andy,

I have always found the the same thing and could breath better after coughing for a week.

Hope your back is OK.

Love Terry

21st December 2018, 16:12
Dear Terry,

I have always found the the same thing and could breath better after coughing for a week.
Hope your back is OK

Interesting - I've never had trouble before but then I am probably the least fit I've ever been my life.

My back still feels weird although I have no trouble standing and swinging my hips in a circle et cetera - so may just be one of these weird MND things as a sign of things to come

With warm wishes for a peaceful, productive and positive 2019


2nd January 2019, 13:02
Hey Andy,

My mum certainly suffers from paranoia in relation to any new developments in her MND when something happens.

For example, many, many years ago, she fell at work (on a frozen pee!) and broke her right hand thumb. She had to go through physio for several months to get it back working - but has never been quite right since. Then last year, she had noticed her thumb getting gradually worse, with muscle disappearing around it (now bearing in mind, my mum's MND is currently solely in her right foot) - she went to the specialist and he said he couldn't confirm or deny whether it was MND or arthritis (we have a long history of arthritis in our family), so the specialist being unable to clarify didn't help - but as far as we can tell, it's just plain old arthritis (which still sucks to be fair!).

Then more recently, she got a pain in her upper arm near her shoulder (she has suffered with frozen shoulder before) and although the pain was similar, she instantly thought the MND had started in her arm.

She's now having massages and the pain is starting to go - but again there's that thought of it being MND which constantly pops up.

I think it's only natural to have that fear - I guess the best option is to always speak to your nurse/specialist if you're concerned.

Hope everyone has a positive 2019

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