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21st December 2018, 21:59
hi all, My wife has only been outside a few times since getting her electric wheel chair, on one outing to get to learn it we only got about 200 yds along the pavement, came across curbs that are not dropped plus the side road we crossed is un adopted, try as we could we couldn't get up the curb, we turned round and went home, complained to the council on there website, no dropped curbs in this area, there reply, we'll look at the one at the bottom of my road, the other curb they have no money in the pot.:mad:

21st December 2018, 22:23
Hi Dave,

I am surprised about the lack of dropped curbs - not good at all. The council must get lots of complaints!

This may sound like a silly question, but how can people drive into their driveways in your area, if there isn't a dropped curb?


21st December 2018, 22:42
Hi Dave;

Some chair can have a curb climber fitted, so it is worth asking them. You probably could get a small light weight ramp and even hang it on her chair but it's not great for independence.

I often go on the roads because you never know if there's a drop curb in some areas. Also some paths are so uneven, narrow or have big sideways slopes especially where peoples drive ways are. You don't want to drop a wheel off a curb or get hit by a car.

Love Terry

Iron Will
2nd January 2019, 22:09
my biggest bug bear this. high curbs are just everywhere.

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