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16th January 2019, 14:31
Can anyone please recommend a service that are contactable at a press of a button on a pendant or wristband worn by a person with MND
Recently Richard, my husband fell in our shower room, he wasn't hurt thankfully but could not get up and I did not have the strength to get him up. I called SWIFT a service in our area that come out to people who have fallen but are not hurt. They were very good, arrived in 40mins and used an inflatable cushion to get him up and then onto his feet.
I should have been at work that day but I changed my day for someone. If I hadn't been there Richard would have been on the floor for a long time. This really hit home after the event and I am now in the process of getting his needs assessed by adult social services, then for me a carers assessment but was told this may take time.
I have been given several leaflets on alarm services but just wondered if anyone uses any particular service they could recommend.
Many thanks Amanda

16th January 2019, 14:54
Sorry to hear of your husband's fall. This has happened to us on several occasions. I can't advise on an alarm as someone is with Ed all the time now (me). Falls still happen though.
Your OT will probably supply you with a raising cushion as they have with us as you have to wait hours for the paramedics and it's an expensive visit.
SWIFT sounds good to me, I wonder if the have an alarm system of sorts?
Love Fru X

16th January 2019, 15:07
hi Micks OT arranged alarm pendants with telecare? it was free. they came last wk with these, 2 new smoke detectors, 2 co2 detectors and fitted a key safel

16th January 2019, 15:30
Thanks for reply Fru. I`ll check with our OT, might be different in different areas perhaps. Fingers crossed for no further falls for either of our husbands :-) Best wishes Amanda x

16th January 2019, 15:30
Thanks, will check it out :-)

16th January 2019, 22:43
Hi Amanda,

I pay 15.99 per month for a service from saga. They provide a call system linked to your land line with pendant or bracelet and you have 2 people nominated as first responders. They also call emergency services but the downside is you have to be conscious to press the alarm. There are devices that work automatically should you fall but I have no experience of how expensive they are.

Best wishes,

16th January 2019, 23:07
Hi Amanda,

Sorry to hear about your husband's fall.

I am looking into personal alarms, in case I need to one in future. 'Which' has an article about different personal alarm types (it includes info about Telecare, as mentioned by Shrew):-


Best wishes

17th January 2019, 05:25
one of the alarms they brought for Mick is an automatic one whereby is you fall and dont get up in 20 secs they are alerted

Doug Carpenter
17th January 2019, 08:15
Many thanks for the Which link Kayleigh.

Very helpful. I'm a member but didn't realise they covered such things. As you say, forewarned is forearmed.


17th January 2019, 14:31
Thank you everyone for your responses, much appreciated, x

17th January 2019, 15:21
Hi Shrew and Doug,

Shrew - thanks for posting about the personal alarm that Mick uses, because it sounds like that type of alarm would be ideal for me. I particularly like its feature that the alarm is activated shortly after a fall, without relying on a button to be pressed (in case I pass out after falling and if/when my fingers become too weak to press a button).

Doug - glad that you found the 'Which' info helpful (as it's dated 11 Jan '19 the info should be up-to-date). It's not particularly pleasant having to think about falls, but good to know that there are some effective personal alarms available, which should give us some peace of mind.

Best wishes
Kayleigh x

9th March 2019, 07:52
SWIFT sounds good to me, I wonder if the have an alarm system of sorts?

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