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Music man's wife
27th January 2019, 19:33
Three times today MM ( Music man) has been gasping for air caused by just a small amount of exertion.
Just don't know what to do as it's very distressing for MM till he gets his breath back.
He uses NIV during the night with back up support during the day.
He just had a home visit from the ventilation team.

27th January 2019, 19:48
Hi MM's,wife;

I don't use any breathing machine but probably not the best person to answer.

Make sure he has not got any virus etc that could have an effect on breathing.

I can only think to keep the NIV handy during the day and see if you can get a battery one for when out.

Lorazepan, can help calm him and reduce panicking, ask his doctor.

Love Terry

28th January 2019, 06:11
sorry to hear this. Mick too gets breathless quickly if exerts himself. He also gets breathless if its too warm in the house

28th January 2019, 11:37

I presume the Vent Team were happy with NIV machine settings, so that should rule out tweaking those, and that his lung function and/or blood gases were tested not too long ago?

Any sudden onset of breathlessness should be checked out in case it's caused by chest infection, pneumonia, mucus plug etc.

If all is clear, I wonder if MM would benefit from more daytime use of NIV?

Love Ellie.

6th February 2019, 21:03
As Shrew said, I get out of breath VERY easily, any kind of exertion brings it on.

Music man's wife
6th February 2019, 21:59
Thanks all after talking to the district nurse and GP he's going to be prescribed Lorazepam. He gets very breathless on the very slightest exertion. When that tips over into the feeling he can't breathe at all, its horrible.

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