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31st October 2011, 22:21

I've had a second bannister, a bath handrail and a bath seat provided by my local council. And they're delivering a Mangar ELK lifting cusion in the next week or so:


But does anyone know whether stair lifts are provided by public funds? I think I may need one soon - I'm having increased difficulty in climbing my stairs at home.

1st November 2011, 00:02
Hi spiderpad - for my wife Carol it was dependant on household income and the council said I earned too much so they wouldn't pay - their stock response for pretty much everything. (So much for all the years of paying taxes Carol and I have done eh!)
However our local branch of the MNDA were very kind enough to fund ours and that was greatly appreciated - the big decision we had to make was whether to buy or rent?
Our OT did the research for us and the quote for buying was around 1500 if I remember correctly - but they only quoted us 500 to fit a reconditioned one followed by a monthly fee of 10 from then on for the rental charge.
This was the best option for us as we knew we'd only need one for so long - our bedroom and the bathroom are upstairs and without major remodelling of our house we would eventually have to move Carol downstairs into the ground floor bedroom.
However, for the 6 months it was in the house the stairlift was invaluable.
Make some enquiries through your OT or local MNDA branch - there's a good chance there'll be funding out there for you somewhere.
All the best

1st November 2011, 00:51
my mum found the stair lift invaluable as a stop gap until a through floor lift was installed (now would be impossible to use the stair lift)

if you are eligible for a disabled facilities grant then it may be helpful for a stair lift if you have mobility. you may need to try out which one is best for you (controls, space, do you need it to turn you around at the top of the stairs, can you operate the seat belt?)

OT can refer, or you can even self refer to the city council for an assessment for adaptations
best wishes

Mum was fortunate that MNDA paid for the installation and rental whilst the lift was being sorted by the council

best wishes

3rd November 2011, 12:24
Thanks for your help. It looks like I have to do some research.


4th November 2011, 11:36

I was quoted 4800 by acorn stairlifts! I have a straight staircase but they wanted me to have all sorts of extras (although they only offered it in beige). I don't qualify for financial help. I ummed and ahhed and a week later acorn wrote to me to say that they could offer me a whopping discount. So there may be benefit in holding out, if you can.

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