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19th February 2019, 10:36
hi Mick has maintained his weight but hes gone thin in arms , mainly at top and his shouldets are quite bony. He sleeps on his side and he can turn over but shoulders feel sore in bed, i assume because bony. any tips?

19th February 2019, 14:21
Hi Shrew,

Sorry to hear about Mick's shoulders - it's too easy for pressure areas to develop and advance to sores :( but the good thing is that he can move to relieve the pressure.

Given that Mick's OT is so good, it's no harm to tell her what's happening. It may be that he needs a pressure relief mattress of some kind and it depends on his risk of pressure sores as to which mattress is best for him.

Maybe a memory foam topper or an "egg box" foam topper would suffice for now but the OT will advise.

My shoulders are also skin & bone but I cannot move, so I have an alternating air mattress. My first mattress was the egg box type (so called as it looks the inside of an egg box) and it was good for me at one stage.

Hope he gets sorted, and fast, as I said pressure sores can creep up on you...

Love Ellie.

19th February 2019, 15:14
thanks Ellie, no sores but just feel sore. we have a normal mattress with topper on so at weekend me and my son in law put the foam topper underneath n the mattress on top. it feels comfy enough for him . I wondered whether to try a thin pillow for now

19th February 2019, 15:42
Hi Shrew,

Sorry Mick has painful shoulders because there is enough to cope with. I have a bad shoulder. I am not sure if it's because I am using it to lift me up to transfer or I don't turn enough in bed. I can turn but I have to lift my legs with my hands to do so.

I bought a cushion off Amazon. Its memory foam and it goes between my bony knees and it seems to relieve the pressure off my neck and shoulders, when I am lying on my side.I don't know if that would help Mick but it is really comfortable.

Best wishes to you both
Love Debbie x

19th February 2019, 16:31
I have a very bad problem with my shoulder last June. It was a disaster. The doctor prescribed me some pills and they helped. So maybe it makes sence to show up to doctor?

19th February 2019, 19:06
thanks everyone. its both shoulders. he’s goin to try a thin pillow tonight

19th February 2019, 20:16
Hi Shrew

Steve has a problem with his shoulders, he had a rotator cuff injury and he still gets pain with it, then with loss of muscle it can be painful. He has two thin pillows in a upside down V that sit just on his shoulders, enough just to slightly lift them. Mostly it works. He also takes oramorph and some times paracetamol. Hope you can sort something it’s often trial and error.


19th February 2019, 20:29
thanks , hes also emailed his nurse , she might have some suggestions

19th February 2019, 21:31
I put a pillow at each side from under my shoulder down for my arms to rest on. no more pain in shoulders elbows or hands

20th February 2019, 14:42
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20th February 2019, 14:47
Hi Shrew,

Hopefully Mick was able to get a good night's sleep using the extra pillow to support his shoulders. He might be straining the muscles in his shoulders when he sits himself up in bed - his nurse (or OT) might be able to provide him with a profile bed (as well as a suitable mattress and pillow) to make him more comfortable and support his back etc while sitting up.

I hope you are getting enough sleep and rest, as well.

Best wishes to you and Mick,
Kayleigh x

20th February 2019, 14:57
I put a pillow at each side from under my shoulder down for my arms to rest on. no more pain in shoulders elbows or hands

I do like a thin cushion under a arm as well, it just feels more comfortable and also helps relax hands.

Love Terry

20th February 2019, 17:18
thanks everyone, he didnt get on with a thin pillow. he emailed his MND nurse and she rang him at lunch. She said she would speak to his neurologist who might instruct his gp to provide a prescription. no pain during day just when he lies on his side? he didnt sleep well last night

20th February 2019, 17:36
I can't sleep on my back, only on my side. No idea why its started, but it a pain in the bum having to
turn over in bed god knows how many times a night!.

20th February 2019, 21:37
Hi Mick;

I used to have to turn every maximum of two hours because of hip and shoulder pain but that seems to have changed now for the better.

I can't sleep on my back to start off with now normally because I seem to choke as soon as I start to sleep but after a couple of hours on my side and can then move onto my back.

Hope you get something sorted.

Love Terry

21st February 2019, 15:09
Hi Shrew & Mick,

If it were me (which it isn't obvs :rolleyes:) I would first ask an OT to see if there is something to eliminate the cause of the pain, rather than simply masking the pain itself.

It may be that nothing can be done but it's worth seeing if there's a mattress or pillow which will mean no need for having to wake and turn every few hours!!

Of course there is nothing wrong with taking painkillers but sometimes there are physical solutions too - maybe a combination of the two.

Nothing beats a good night's sleep :D

Love Ellie.

21st February 2019, 19:29
thanks, he slept better last night, i rubbed some gel on ( like a pain relief) he said he put quilt between his legs and was more comfortable , his nurse emailed him his neurologist sent email to his gp to prescribe gabapebtin?

21st February 2019, 21:08
Oh, that's good he slept well last night.

Gabapentin is used for neuropathic (nerve) pain and is commonly enough prescribed.

It may increase his fatigue though, so he should watch for that, and also to make sure it doesn't affect his breathing - a lower dose may lessen these side effects. All drugs have side effects, it's just a matter of pros & cons and managing them.

Love Ellie.

22nd February 2019, 16:18
Hi Shrew,

I hope the painkilling medication works out well for Mick, and that it enables him to sleep well at night-time.

I hope you and Mick have a lovely weekend.

Kayleigh x

22nd February 2019, 18:01
thanks, not had any confirmation its been processed yet , he usually gets a text when anything ready for collection at the chemist next door. I might ring in the morning. he also rang his OT this morning but was told that shes on a day off but in tomorrow so she will probably call 2m

22nd February 2019, 18:22
thanks again everyone for your kind wishest

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