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20th February 2019, 18:34
does anyone have any experience or know much about the Eyecontrol headset?
I would like to know more

Sarah x

20th February 2019, 21:50
Hi Sarah;

Firstly, I would book to see you SLT and see what see can do. Also contact your specialist team and ask them.

I thick that it can be done quite cheaply, ie for under 200 using free soft ware and buying a eye gaze unit using a windows laptop but it would need to be set up. The eye control is not a head set. There are other systems that do use a reflective patch on a hat on some sort of thing but this is not eye gaze or eye control.

There are other systems including some for I Pads etc.

Love Terry

21st February 2019, 14:19
thanks Terry

I already use eye gaze but I was reading about the eye control headset and wondered if anyone has used one



take care

Sarah x

21st February 2019, 16:27
Hi Sarah,

I don't know of anyone using it, sorry.

It looks pricey for just a communication device compared to other eye gaze solutions, which also give full PC access, but I guess it'd suit some people. It looks more cumbersome and slower than traditional eye gaze hardware, to me anyway.

Are you having issues with your current eye gaze hardware?

Love Ellie.

24th February 2019, 20:35
Hi Ellie

my eye gaze is great thank you , I just stumbled across the eyecontrol write up and was curious ,

Love Sarah x

24th February 2019, 21:24
Hi Sarah;

I use a key board talking device and it has it's restrictions when it's not near or in the bedroom. I imagine that eye gaze is even more limited and it would be nice to have something that could just slip over your head from time to time.

Love Terry

25th February 2019, 01:23
Hi Sarah,

I have been in touch with a UK agent for this device and she is going to present it to our Nottingham MNDA branch soon. I will report back our views on the value and practicality of this aid thereafter.

Best wishes,

25th February 2019, 20:11

I know exactly what you mean Terry I have the same limitations and that is why I am interested in this device x

Barry that is great news I am looking forward to hearing more x

love Sarah

25th February 2019, 22:11
Hi Sarah;

Maybe Barry could speak to the rep and get them to come and see you so you can try it out sooner. Also worth getting your SLT involved because you never know if they might fund (unlikely) and also might help with any problems.

Love Terry

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