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Lynne K
21st February 2019, 17:06
I'm feeling rather frustrated and trapped. I got up from our settee where I'd had a little dose. I walked through to our kitchen using my walker and saw that it was lovely and bright outside. I got the feeling that I had always got in such situations "I want to be outside enjoying the fresh air." My husband had gone for a walk to our local woods half an hour earlier.

I cannot venture out on my own yet because the threshold of our flat still has not been made wheelchair friendly. The council are terribly slow doing this. It ought to have been done before I moved in.

Another thing that I've felt a couple of dozen times but kept it to myself, not wanting to become a moaner. Why, on a nice day does my husband decide to go for a walk on his own. Then about once every week or two but the last two Saturdays does he decide to take me out when the weather is fowl. I have to get wrapped up like a Michelin Man and he pushes me in my light weight manual chair. We don't usually go far, about twenty minutes to half an hour. Then back to the car. It feels like a waste of effort getting into the chair. But I do still enjoy the drives. Roll on powered wheelchair independence. It needs to happen quickly or l'll go stare crazy. Lynne

21st February 2019, 18:10
Hi Lynne,

The council should sort the ramp out quickly, as I think it is a health and safety issue.

If the flats had to be evacuated in an emergency, you would probably need to use your powerchair because it would be much quicker and safer than using your rollator (especially if your husband wasn't at home to help you exit the building). If the building is owned by the council or a housing association, they might have a legal responsibility to make sure that all tenants (including disabled tenants) can evacuate the building as safely as possible, (in case there is an emergency e.g. in case there is a fire in the building).

Perhaps ask your OT about this issue. Your OT might be able to provide a temporary ramp, which could be put in the entrance by your husband, when you need to use it.

I hope that the Council sorts out the ramp quickly - unfortnately they might not prioritise it, if no-one chases them up about it.

Hopefully your OT will help you with this issue.

Kayleigh x

Lynne K
21st February 2019, 18:22
Thanks for replying quickly Kayleigh. We are only in a two storey semi detached so us and the people above. Somebody next to us bought their ground floor two bedroomed flat and we think that the people above them did likewise. There is a ramp from the sloped path to our front door with the obligitory rail. The problem is that there is a slight step down at our front door into our hall and a rather bulky piece of metal accross the lintel, part of the door furniture. I might ring the council tomorrow and put your point about getting out in an emergency. I need a different door lock too because I have difficulty opening it on the way out and cannot open it with the key to come in. Lynne

21st February 2019, 19:10
It's worth a try Lynne - the Council might need to be told/reminded that you are no longer able to use your rollator to get out and about, and so you need wheelchair-friendly access to be provided urgently.

Good luck tomorrow,
Kayleigh x

Lynne K
21st February 2019, 21:00
Kayleigh, I emailed my OT and got an automated reply to say that she's on leave until 25th March so I'll ring the Council OT tomorrow. She was off ill before Christmas, for a few weeks. I hope that she's back. Lynne

21st February 2019, 21:39
Hopefully the Council OT will be able get things sorted out for you Lynne. It would be great if you could get out and about in your powerchair, especially with Spring coming up.

Although I am no longer able to go for long walks, I love going to the park etc, and gliding along independently in my electric wheelchair. I think you will enjoy the freedom of being able to get out and about in your powerchair, and a lot of buses are wheelchair/powerchair accessible as well.

You have been waiting a long time already for the Council to do the work, and so hopefully the Council OT can hurry things along.

Kayleigh x

21st February 2019, 22:45
Hi Lynne, I hope everything gets sorted out for you very soon.

Take care
Sheila x

Lynne K
21st February 2019, 23:07
Thanks Kayleigh and Sheila, Lynne x

22nd February 2019, 07:39
Hope they sort it soon Lynne x

22nd February 2019, 11:11
It must be so frustrating for you to be unable to venture out when the sun is shining, Lynne.
Being outside can really give us a lift and take our mind off things, for a while. I use a scooter outside as it seems to handle kerbs and drops better than my electric wheelchair.

I have a portable metal ramp which folds up for if I want to sit out the back.It will do a couple of small steps. The only downside is you would probably need someone to put it down so it doesn't help with independece. We bought it ourselves off Amazon because we needed it in a hurry for something but the OT said she could have got me one.

I hope you get out today Lynne and that your OT sorts things our soon. It's a depressing to feel trapped in the home when you know there are things that can be done to help.

Love Debbie x

22nd February 2019, 12:16
I bought a small 3 wheeled scooter from Amazon. My husband puts it in the back of the car, so it is handy for shopping etc. It definitely helps to get out when you can.
Take care,
Sheila x

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