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Doug Carpenter
2nd March 2019, 11:08
There's a big article in today's Guardian Sport about the ex-Rangers captain.


2nd March 2019, 12:47
Thanks for letting us know about the article Doug.

Fernando certainly has a fighting spirit!

It's good to see another article in the media, which will hopefully raise awareness of MND.

Although it states in the article that MND mainly affects people in their 60's and 70's, I hope that the general public are aware that many, many people who are diagnosed with MND are often much younger (and sometimes decades younger), than that - and that it's not just famous sportmen who get diagnosed at a relatively young age!

Raising awareness amongst the general public is all well and good - but its about time that all Governments realised that a cure for MND needs to be found, as a matter of extreme urgency! No-one should have to put up with this inhumanely cruel disease.

The UK Government has been 'faffing' around with Brexit too much. I'm not saying that the issue of Brexit shouldn't be their top priority to deal with, - but the Government seems to have taken its eye off the ball about other important issues. It's about time they took the urgent need to find a cure for MND seriously.

There needs to be considerably more Government funding into research, so that progress made into finding a cure can be quickly advanced from tottering 'baby steps' - into giant strides!

Kayleigh x

2nd March 2019, 14:17
Well said Kayleigh.
Pleased to see another article in the press.

2nd March 2019, 15:04
.... and hopefully - baby steps in research will soon turn into giant strides - resulting in a 'giant leap for mankind', when a cure for MND is found! In my opinion, it will be even more significant and important than that famous 'giant leap for mankind' that took place 50 years ago.

2nd March 2019, 15:46
We have MP Madeleine Moon campaigning on our behalf but parliament is not getting behind her. Sadly with Brexit we will loose some EU money which funded research and we are also in danger of loosing many European experts if the UK does not prove an attractive place to work.

I’m not a pessimist but the MNDA should not have to spend vast sums of money on research.

Political rant over.


2nd March 2019, 16:40
I don't think you are being pessimistic at all Barry. It beggars belief that Madeleine Moon doesn't have total support from all MPs. As the 6 month rule has already been scrapped in Scotland, I don't see why it isn't viable for it to be scrapped here. The lack of support makes me think that some MPs don't have a clue about the harsh realities of life for people affected by MND. MPs might read some information given to them by Madeleine, but they can easily shred it, forget about it ... and the issue for them soon becomes 'out of sight, out of mind'.

Political rant over.

Kayleigh x

3rd March 2019, 10:07
I have written several times to my MP (Con) about the lack of facilities where I live and all I get in reply is platitudes. We have only one specialist OT for Neurocare in the region and our NHS trust has made her position redundant.

Barry x

3rd March 2019, 13:57
Hi Barry,

It's terrible that there won't be a specialist OT available in you Region. How are MND patients in your Region supposed to be assessed and provided with any equipment they need, if there isn't an OT to do this? Perhaps the NHS Trust presumes that all patients can afford to pay privately to see a specialist OT?

Kayleigh x

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