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6th March 2019, 22:23
Evening all

I am thinking of booking a week away at the end of the month for much needed sun for me and a rest for Ian my husband

However things have changed since our last holiday because I now need to take a tanker full of liquid food

I presume that I can take it but advice and shared experiences would be really helpful

best wishes


7th March 2019, 12:34
Hi Sarah,

A sunshine holiday would be great for both of you. Sorry I have no experience of travelling with liquid food but I have used the airport special assistance.

You need to book it in advance and I ask for the full assistance. This means they will take you through security and you go on a lift to the plane. They will take you to your seat in an isle wheelchair. I am able to slide across but they do offer to liift me. You don't have to use the full assistance if Ian is more mobile but it's there if you need and have booked it. You can take two mobility aids, one electronic. I have found the assistance in Spain to be really good but I am sure other places are too.

Best of luck.. Go for it !
Love Debbie x

7th March 2019, 13:49
Thanks Debbie

We have travelled quite a lot in the last few years and have had very good experiences of the assistance and have found it very easy

My concern is taking a suitcase full of liquid

best wishes

Sarah x

7th March 2019, 14:04
Hi Sarah;

I would ask with your airline, then re-ask and then ask the airport. I would think that you would get a special luggage allowance because of that free.


7th March 2019, 14:43
Hi Sarah,

You are absolutely right to book a holiday !!

Consider liasing with the hotel or apartment complex and posting (with tracking) the boxes of feed to them in advance of your arrival (or sending by courier)

If you're bringing them as part of checked luggage, you'd need to check with individual airlines if you'd get any extra free baggage allowance and also for the pump, which you may be better off carrying in hand luggage "just in case". The bottles themselves are well sealed.

You can bring feed onboard but just enough for the journey - even if you don't need one specifically for the journey, bring one "just in case".

You'll need a prescription and Doctor's letter to get it through airport security. Don't forget to bring your prescriptions for any medication you're packing in your hand OR checked luggage. Don't forget pump plug adapter either!

Are you planning to fly out before 29th March?

Love Ellie.

7th March 2019, 15:21
Thanks Terry and Ellie

I am hoping to go on the 23rd just trying to drag Ian away from work ,we have a haulage company based from home and he is a workaholic !

I will contact the people you mentioned and get prescriptions

you are so helpful thank you x

7th March 2019, 16:26
Hi Sarah;

Please look at my link above, it is probably worth joining, PINNT, they are sure to have information and have members who have done it.

Love Terry

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