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17th March 2019, 12:14
There are already lots of ideas for soft foods on the forum and MNDA have some brilliant publications but I have just discovered ready made pancakes!! Just heat in microwave for a few seconds then add savoury or sweet fillings. They are so easy to swallow and, unlike bread, don't clag up in the roof of my mouth. No more sandwiches for me.

17th March 2019, 13:22
Hi Miranda,

Thanks for the tip about ready made pancakes. I know what you mean about bread 'clagging'.

I find that wraps (with a soft filling like tuna mayonnaise) are much easier to eat than sandwiches.

I usually just use sweet fillings for pancakes, but your post has prompted me to think about savoury options.

Do you have any favourite savoury pancake fillings?

I hope you are having a lovely weekend.

Kayleigh x

17th March 2019, 15:00
Thanks for tip Miranda, that sounds nice. I will have to try it.
Best wishes

Lynne K
17th March 2019, 15:14
Thanks for the pancake idea. I showed this message to my husband. I don't need especially soft food yet, but I'm getting a lot of indigestion and reflux and want to reduce my bread intake because it might be contributing to this. Fat is to be avoided too. My husband said that he likes pancakes so that's a good idea for us. I'm going to try to change my breakfast. I had porridge for years, but one morning last year the thought made me feel ill. I tried to ignore it, but taking a spoonful made me bawk. So I've been having 2 eggs (boiled, scrambled or poached) with toast. I had smoked salmon with it lots of times over scrambled egg, but I'm not doing that now. Pancakes for breakfast sounds nice. I wonder what to have on them? I'm off sweet things, so savoury suggestions are welcome. Lynne

17th March 2019, 19:59
Kayleigh using the pancake as a wrap with a filling inside is a great idea. Scrambled egg or egg mayo or tuna mayo should be good fillings

17th March 2019, 22:43
Hi Douglas,

Thank you for kindly suggesting some savoury pancake fillings. They sound delicious and I will enjoy trying them out.

Best wishes to you and your wife,
Kayleigh x

18th March 2019, 10:13
Savoury fillings - cream cheese, tuna mayo, sardines, grated cheese, smoked salmon, IKEA jars of herring.
Sweet fillings - mashed banana, fruit, creme fraich, Nutella, honey, maple syrup and, of course, lemon and sugar

Lynne K
18th March 2019, 11:05
Thanks Miranda. Good ideas. If I I think of other savoury fillings I'll post. Lynne

19th March 2019, 14:28
Hi Miranda,

They sound lovely and very versatile.

Apologies for the stupid question!! But, do you mean the "Scotch" type pancakes?

I've been having a look online and thinking of fillings. (At least they won't go to waste in my house if I cannot manage them :))

Love Ellie.

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