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3rd November 2011, 22:17
Hi all iv'e just been put on a new pain killer by my neurologist, they are called pregabalin iv'e been told these are also used for epileptics has anyone tried or heard of them? X elle x :)

4th November 2011, 04:11
Hi Elle, no sorry never heard of that one must be new.? My son is on baclofen.


4th November 2011, 07:30
Hi Elle im on 75mg Pregabalin and i dont have any side effects

It is used in epilepsy but i have it issued for nerve pain

( is an anticonvulsant drug used for neuropathic pain, epilepsy and anxiety)


4th November 2011, 23:58
Hi sonia, i'm also on baclofen 80mg daily think it's more for pain the pregabalin, but they make me feel lousy iv'e been having so much trouble finding the right suitable pain killer but still don't think they have it right

thanks x elle x

5th November 2011, 00:00
Cheers for the info dave, x elle x

5th November 2011, 11:47
Hi Folks
I am on a drug called Tizanidine, it's not to help with pain relieve but to help spasicity,
I was on baclofen, but found it gave me a very dry mouth, causing me to drink a lot, resulting in visits to the loo. For general pain I use Co-drydomol. Norman

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