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Double D
1st May 2019, 15:40
Hi everyone,
I've received a letter from DVLA saying they have received notification from an anonymous third party who thinks I shouldn't be driving with MND.
Honestly, some kind soul thinks MND isn't a bad enough problem on it's own.
I need to provide all my medical details AGAIN and they may require me to take another driving test.
I already have to renew my licence every three years because of MND.
Has anyone else been asked to take a test?

Doug Carpenter
1st May 2019, 15:44
Hi Double D

When I was diagnosed I was told I must notify the DVLA. I did so and after much form filling and information from my consultant I was given a three year licence. The same as I'd get anyway. No test.


1st May 2019, 18:15
Hi Double D,

Oh, what a pain!

Like Doug, I informed DVLA when I was diagnosed but that is a completely situation from the one you are in. I would guess that, having had someone actually question your driving, DVLA are duty bound to investigate. I can only imagine how you are feeling.

Have DVLA stopped you driving whilst they investigate? If not, it may be worth having one or two driving lessons if DVLA decide that you must sit a driving test, just to check that you haven't picked up some naughty habits.

Wishing you the best of luck with this.

1st May 2019, 18:35
Hi Double D

My experience is the same as Doug and Dina in that I now have a 3 year licence after a bit of a tangle with forms et cetera.

There should really be no problem if you are self certifying - do you happen to know what the anonymous person said exactly as to why you should stop?

Of course, if the Daily Fail is correct, it might be your GP


1st May 2019, 18:43
Hi DD;

They can't make you take another driving test! They can't stop you driving without any real proof of continuous dangerous driving. They might ask your Doctor, my doctor saw me when the hospice said should I be driving, he just said you'll know when to stop.

Then they could ask you to take a driving assessment. it is no way like a driving test. There they would do a reaction tests, a diving simulation, read a number plate and then a drive around on normal roads.

They are there to help you through it and advise on car modifications if you require them. It is a low key affair and they should try to make you more relaxed.

Love Terry

1st May 2019, 19:18
There are some guidelines on the Government's website that might be helpful:-

Best wishes

Lynne K
1st May 2019, 20:03
I similarly informed the DVLA about my diagnosis as soon as I got it. I downloaded the forms, filled them in and sent them. They wrote back to me to ask for my consultants postal address. I'd already given it but gave it again. Soon after I got a call from my consultant and she asked me if I could still drive. She said that the DVLA had written to her. I said yes as I was perfectly ok to drive having only recently given up being a driving instructor. I got a 3 year medical licence without having to have a driving assessment. Who was the nosey Parker who contacted the DVLA about you DD? Lynne

1st May 2019, 22:36
Hi DD,

Terry is right about your right to drive while the DVLA check your medical records. In most cases they will issue a 3 year licence but in some cases it may only be 12 months. If you are asked to take a competency test you will have to pay for it. From memory it is around 90 and there are centres throughout the UK.

As you say life with MND is difficult enough without some miserable b*****d spoiling your ability to get around. There are many people with disabilities who drive adapted cars so I wouldn’t concern yourself.

Best wishes,

1st May 2019, 23:10
Hi Barry,

My veiw was that if someone wanted me to take the driving assessment then they could pay for it, and they did.

Love Terry

Double D
2nd May 2019, 11:12
I have no idea who it is or what they've said. DVLA won't say. My GP and neurologist have no concerns about my driving.

2nd May 2019, 13:26
For anyone wanting to take a driving competency test visit www.drivingmobility.org.uk


2nd May 2019, 17:56
Hi DD;

My hospice reported me. Great yes because they never even saw me driving!

I just asked for a hand to get into the car. I also heard other person comment about should he be driving, again it was someone that saw me trying to get into the car and not actually driving it.

My doctor was asked by DVLA and he wasn't worried about my ability.

I had previously taken a driving assessment.

I guess people mean good and think about others safety. But there's so many bad dangerous drivers on the roads.

I all for older people (like Barry) taking a driving assessment, it should be free and compulsory.

Love Terry

2nd May 2019, 22:46
Cheeky b***er Terry I’m only 66 but on most days I feel 20 years older.


2nd May 2019, 23:32
Barry - You told me that your user-name gave your age away - I thought you were only 52! - and you definitely don't look older than that in your profile picture! :)

Kayleigh x

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