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3rd May 2019, 10:10
I am looking at buying an electric automatic folding Scooter. There seems to lots out there and not sure which is good or not. The Luggie looks a good one as it has a long battery life. Does anybody have one they would recommend. Many thanks xx

3rd May 2019, 10:58
I got one last year! it is a Drive medical Megatronn automatic folding lightweight mobility scooter (to give it it's full title). They are very good! especially for going to shops, holiday camps etc. You are right there is a lot of choice out there!

3rd May 2019, 14:32
Hi Debbie,

I have a drive scooter bought from betterlife. It was 395 pounds a couple of years ago and it is still going strong. It manages small kerbs, has a good battery life and we have taken it on flights .

However, although it breaks into 5 pieces it is not foldable, so i do need help with it to travel. It might be different for you but I need the swivel seat to get on and off a scooter and I have not found a foldable one with that.

Love from another Debbie x

3rd May 2019, 15:36
Hi Debbie,

I don't have a mobility scooter, but I often look on the Careco website to research different products, because the information (and some reviews) on that website seems to be quite detailed.

http://https://www.careco.co.uk/cl-ms/mobility-scooters.htm (https://www.careco.co.uk/cl-ms/mobility-scooters.htm)

They have showrooms to try out products - this is a list of their locations (there is a Careco opening in Leeds on 9th May):-

http://https://www.careco.co.uk/find-a-showroom.htm (https://www.careco.co.uk/find-a-showroom.htm)

(Sorry if I am giving you information that you already know about!)

Love Kayleigh xx

3rd May 2019, 15:43
Hi Debbie,

As you say there is a huge choice of scooters on the market. Before spending your hard earned cash ask yourself what will you want from it. If you need to load it into a car then weight is a factor as well as dimension. Folding scooters are good but tend to be expensive. Ones that come apart can be difficult to assemble/dismantle. Will you want to take it on holiday and if you are flying then lithium batteries are best. Some scooters, especially those with small front wheels can be unstable on cambered or uneven paths.

I am a fan of TGA scooters and I have the Maximo folding scooter but even it has it’s downfalls as in it doesn’t like steep gradients or maybe it is my weight.

Try to find a retailer who has a lot of models in stock and they will let you try them.

Best wishes,

3rd May 2019, 16:07
Hi Debbie and Kayleigh,

Sorry for a negative post. I bought a small electric power chair from Careco ( yes our dining room looks like a mobility shop !)
Initially it was fantastic for getting around the home because it is thin and the seat swivels to transfer. However when it cut out after three months careco didn't really want to know. They wanted a 60 pound call out charge and 270 pounds for a small part up front, even though the chair was under warranty.

I did write a review of the chair for their website but they didn't publish it, surprisingly ! I am taking the matter further because, whilst I realise they need to make a profit, I felt they were trying to exploit someone who needs their product to make life easier.

My husband was then able to dismantle the chair, buy a new part ( a wire !) and fix it but not everyone is that fortunate.

I am not normally so stroppy, honesty!

Love Debbie x

3rd May 2019, 17:42
Hi Debbie,

Thanks for kindly sharing that information with us - but I'm sorry that you have received such bad customer service!

Like you, I would have thought Careco would be legally bound to honour the warranty. Although it says on the website that they charge a call-out fee for an engineer (which is refunded once a fault is confirmed), that doesn't explain why they were going to charge you for parts - when the warranty is for parts as well as labour!

The company 'Betterlife' (that the other Debbie purchased her mobility scooter from) is a company that I have purchased a couple of items from with no problems - however, when I went to look at their website today, I was rather disappointed to see that they are no longer trading online.

I hope you enjoy looking for a mobility scooter and that your research about finding a suitable WAV is also going well.

Love and to you and your family,
Kayleigh xx

4th May 2019, 09:02
Thanks Kayleigh,

I too was sorry to hear that Betterlife are no longer trading as it is where I got my scooter and the service was great. ( you might have your Debbie's mixed up, )

We are away at the moment but when we get back Allied Mobility are coming to show us some WAVS and I am having another wheelchair assessment for a power chair. I didn't realise how much I would miss my electric wheelchair until it didn't work! I was super grumpy!

Hope you're having a lovely weekend,
Love Debbie x

4th May 2019, 09:25
Thank you Sheila I will have a look at one.

4th May 2019, 09:26
Thanks Barry, We are going to go test driving next week to see which we like. As long as hubby can put in the car and it does what i want I shall be happy

4th May 2019, 09:27
My goodness Debbie that is awful service. I would have ranted as well.
Debbie x

4th May 2019, 09:29
I was directed to better life website and it said they are no longer there
Debbie x

4th May 2019, 13:07
I'm not sure if I've got Deb and Debbie mixed up but just FYI it's important to test drive a WAV sitting in the powerchair, particularly if you are tall. Sorry if I've misunderstood and if this is obvious.

4th May 2019, 13:31
Sorry Deb and Debbie - I think I must have got in a bit of a pickle yesterday!

I think I have got 'un-confused' today though - and so hopefully won't get confused again, about which Debbie I am referring to! :-

'Deb' - is Debbie who has already got a mobility scooter (purchased from Betterlife) and now she Is looking for a WAV.

'Debbie' - is Debbie who hasn't got a mobility scooter, but would like to buy one.

I hope that's right, and I haven't got you two Debbies mixed up again!

Love Kayleigh xx

10th May 2019, 15:07
Thanks Kayleigh that is really useful as i did not know about it. xx

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