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6th May 2019, 14:48
It's very hard to use on my phone now that I am writing a post the font is enormous and I can't see what I'm writing and this scaling issue seems to be a problem looking at the forum itself and posts. Have i missed a trick to make it more phone friendly?

6th May 2019, 14:49
I just selected a different size front but it hasn't made any difference to what I can see as I'm writing.

6th May 2019, 14:50
Apologies for the lack of punctuation and enormously long sentences!

6th May 2019, 15:00
Hi CS;

I guess you've tried the the "Text size" just above the search box at the top right of page.

It's even harder writing when you can't see the whole sentence, I have that trouble with my Lightwriter.

Love Terry

6th May 2019, 15:13
Hi Lisa

No need to apologise - I find it fiddly to post using my phone too!

As mentioned by Terry, on the top right hand corner there is Text Size (with 'A' in 3 sizes next to it) - I didn't realise this at first, and was squinting for a long time before I noticed!

If you don't have an i-pad, it might be worth your asking your Speech and Language Therapist if she/he can supply you with one free of charge - or perhaps ask the MNDA if they can provide funding for one? (I find that the keyboard on an I-pad is much easier to use than the one on my phone).

I hope you and your lovely daughter are ok.

Love and best wishes to you both.
Kayleigh x

6th May 2019, 15:23
Hi Kayleigh and Terry, I've found that but for some some reason it doesnt work as i type. I suspect the issue is it's a desktop site running PM a phone which makes it impossible to use. I do have an ipad, but i also have an 11 year old app not likely to get in on that then ;)
Sounds like this is something they should look at,i find a phone easier to hold and use than an iPad. Also it's 2019 hehe :)

6th May 2019, 15:25
Hi Kayleigh, I'm currently homeless as i can't get up the stairs to my flat, MP involved and everything! At mum's, tongue is going now, boo

6th May 2019, 17:02
Hi Lisa,

It's terrible that the Council hasn't sorted out your housing yet! - hopefully the MP will kick some butts at the Council, so that they find somewhere for you very soon! Although it might not be ideal, I'm glad you are able to stay at your mum's in the meantime.

I hope you had a great holiday in Rome - despite all those bumpy cobbles!

Kayleigh x

Lynne K
6th May 2019, 19:24
Hi Cat.' I use my index finger and thumb on my phone screen and separate them to enlarge, pinch them towards each other to make smaller. I'm right handed so normally use that hand. But my fingers mostly on my right hand are getting weak. Sometimes it's difficult to do so I use two hands to do the same thing, not always successfully. I guess that you can't use your fingers this way but there may be a way to do it. Lynne

7th May 2019, 07:03
Hi Lynne, i can't do that with my fingers any more so I use the limited dexterity function box on my phone, its very useful.however, if it had a phone friendly interface we wouldn't need to constantly zoom in and out :)

Lynne K
7th May 2019, 09:52
Hi Cat.' I see what you explained. When I type messages on forums I don't always see where my cursor is or the previous few words. I check my messages and have to go back to make corrections because of my clumsy fingers or SwiftKey (my mobile keyboard) making errors that I hadn't noticed. So I see where you are coming from. I put my fingers on the text just now to move the text box around so that I can check it, but after I clicked to post my message I noticed a mistake. So I'm back to edit. I do this all the time. It's very frustrating. Like you I'd prefer to see the whole text box to follow what I'm typing more easily. I guess that I'm in the lucky position of so far having working fingers, although they misbehave. Love Lynne x

7th May 2019, 09:59
Hi Catsparkle and Lynne, maybe the difficulties of using a phone for the forum should be reported to the Admin Team. It sounds like the sort of problem that could be solved by fiddling with the forum behind the scenes.

7th May 2019, 12:09
Can we tag them?

7th May 2019, 12:10

Lynne K
7th May 2019, 12:26
Thanks Dina, good idea. The admin team watch posts so hopefully they'll get the tech' team to look into it. Lynne x

7th May 2019, 12:56
Lisa, it's probably a good idea to send Admin a PM with a link to this thread so you know they'll def see your issues.

Tagging isn't a thing on the Forum AFAIK!

Thread titles such as this one should elicit reaction from Admin!!!

Love Ellie.

8th May 2019, 10:03
Hi everyone,

Thank you for your feedback on the issues raised below, particularly regarding using the forum on your phone. You are right Catsparkle, it is because it is a desktop site running on a mobile. I have experienced the same issues when I have been looking at the forum remotely on a phone and agree, it is not the best screen view or in any way easy to use – I can imagine it is especially difficult if MND has effected the movements in your hands. I’m sorry this is so frustrating for some of you.

We have been looking into options to develop the site to make it more mobile friendly, especially as we have seen an increase of users accessing the forum via their phones. This feedback will certainly help move those options forward, however because making the forum mobile friendly will incur a cost, we do have to take this into consideration in our broader budgeting.

In regards to this, in the next few months, we may seek out more of your feedback and suggestions with how to make the forum more user friendly and accessible. I will come back to you very soon to gain more of your feedback.

Sorry again to everyone, and hopefully we'll get this improved over the next few months.

10th July 2019, 23:48

I have a android tablet and my screen has changed and I have trouble navigating and finding the recent posts.

I do hope that I can get the old system back on it.


11th July 2019, 08:54
Hello Terry - If you click on 'full site' at the bottom of the screen it should take you to the original format of the forum.


11th July 2019, 09:11
Yes, I found the new system time consuming and impossible to use because it doesn't give immediate information. Thank heavens for the old format. xx

Doug Carpenter
11th July 2019, 09:21
Many thanks Keyleigh for pointing out the full site button. That's much better!

Personally, I found the "old" system worked perfectly on my Android phone and it was very helpful to have identical screen layouts on both my phone and laptop.

Old Dougs and new tricks and all that


11th July 2019, 11:25
Thank you Kayeigh;

Love Terry

26th August 2019, 20:09
Im chuffed to bits i can finally use the forum! This interface is fantastic (I'm on android too,a note 8) thankyou mnda 😁

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