View Full Version : Let's spare a thought for the people who lost their lives on the M5

5th November 2011, 23:24
I'm sure you've seen the footage on the TV relating to he horrific crash on the M5, this is just one motorway junction from where I live.

http://i611.photobucket.com/albums/tt197/tourangang/377915_10150381102812302_559592301_8186093_9606151 53_n.jpg

6th December 2011, 08:11
I send my prayers to them. May their families get courage to recover from the loss.

6th December 2011, 23:38
What about a prayer for us suffering mnd

7th December 2011, 19:36
We can send prayers for everyone, Elle. Sometimes I find it helps to think about other peoples troubles and not just our own. I hope that makes sense and evreyone reading this is doing well.


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