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7th November 2011, 18:41
hi my husband has now been affected with mnd for the past year and i have to say that the journy we are now on is one of the hardest thing in life to cope with

7th November 2011, 19:15
Hi Sonia1,
Yes your completely right and your title says it all, One day at a time thats all anyone can expect of us all, it seems to get us through at the moment although we have had some hairy days and some laughter along the way too. xxx Ang

8th November 2011, 08:18
Hi Sonia,

My Mum has MND with my Dad as her carer. Her deterioration was slow for a while but in the last 6 month/year things have got a lot tougher. I find it immesely difficult to cope with. One of the things that has really inspired me though is how Mum and Dad have cope with it and pulled together. I have never experienced or seen anything so tough. It amazes me how much we all laugh together and still make the most of things. Make sure you get as much support and help as you can and look after yourself too.


12th November 2011, 18:12
hi sonia1 - don't want to seem like self promoting but I've started a blog to tell Carol's story (see below) - I did it for me but also so that the family and our friends could see what was actually going on.
I got the inspiration from reading other blogs from MND sufferers and carers.
Might not work for you but I've found writing everything down has really helped us all.
All the best

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