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12th June 2019, 08:21
I thought I would share the information about managing gastrointestinal problems, that I have been given by my multidisciplinary team:

hope this helps others as much as it has helped me🖖

12th June 2019, 11:26
I have learnt loads with the help of my wife and manage things really well. No advice fom any NHS person.

If anyone is struggling let me know I can probably help.

12th June 2019, 12:09
I won’t type it all out - arms going - too frustrating

ask me questions if your guts are giving you problems

12th June 2019, 17:15
I'm sorry to hear that, Jonboy. I was impressed with your MND facility.

12th June 2019, 17:51
It works a treat John, I can get to the loo everyday and have a wash.

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