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14th June 2019, 08:33
Has anyone else tried to maintain healthy gut microbiome?. My wife has adopted the same regimine as me over the last 9 months. She has returned to the same bodyweight she was when she was 30. My gastrointestinal issues are manageable but getting worse, I think it would be much worse without my intervenions, but I cannot prove it, except constipation and diarrhoea are not an issue any more. Just an idea worth try if anyone is considering managing their ALS.

Doug Carpenter
14th June 2019, 09:15
This was posted recently:

Interesting MND research blog about the gut microbiome:


including a TedMed talk by Dr John F Cryan of University College Cork.



14th June 2019, 13:43
thanksdoug -read loads on it and following a program

Doug Carpenter
14th June 2019, 13:51
Thanks Jonboy53.

I'm sure looking after our digestive system is important. Is it possible for you to summarise (or link to) the principles of the regime you follow?


14th June 2019, 16:09
Oh yeah doug,

I took some broad spectrum antibiotics for a month to kill bad stuff. Now I take acidophillus, bifidus and butyric acid everyday. I take 2 grams vit c, vitE , vit b12, laxido forbulk, eat mostly vegan and lots of fruit. CBD capsule. Ocassionaly I take a senakot to start my peristalsis up if things get a bit sluggish.

14th June 2019, 16:15
I've not changed my diet much (apart from taking Complan for a while and avoiding choking hazards like Twiglets) - but soon after my diagnosis a Dietitian advised me to increase my calorie intake by consuming more butter and full-fat milk

.... and, of course, I took her advice 'with a pinch of salt' !! LOL ;)

My digestive system seems to be behaving well so far :) ... a shame I can't say the same about my stupid pesky legs !! :(

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