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4th July 2019, 13:27
I am heartbroken to announce that my lovely Husband Mick passed suddenly and unexpectedly yesterday. His walking at got really bad and his head was on his chest. He had had 4 falls in the last 2 weeks. His OT was coming yesterday so I came home at 10am for the appt.They discussed a walker and a hoist to get him up, we also talked about going through the MND forum to fast track our stair lift. Knowing that he would want to look at our bed I opened the bedroom curtains and the window. On my way back to work I questioned whether I had closed them. There is only about 6inch between end of the bed and the wall so I sidled through and Mick had the side near bedroom door. I came home at 4.40pm and the door was locked and he wasnt in his recliner. I went upstairs and bedroom door was open. I looked on the bed and thought he must be out back. When I turned he had fallen between bed and the wall, so was partly on bed and stuck in space. He hadnt pressed his alert. I could see he had gone. I feel like I have killed him. He probably fell and couldnt breathe. His chest was bad. I am heartbroken and it wont sink in

4th July 2019, 14:01
Oh Shrew, of course you aren't responsible. You really don't know what happened. You are still in shock. Even when you know it is going to happen death it is always a shock. You cared for your husband so lovingly and he will have known how much you loved him.
I will think of you and send you lots of love. Take care.
Ann x

4th July 2019, 14:04
Oh no Shrew, I am so shocked at reading this. I am absolutely heartbroken for you as I know Mick was your world...

I cannot comprehend the turmoil you're in but please, please don't think you were a factor in Mick's death.

Please accept my deepest and heartfelt condolences.

RIP Mick.

Love Ellie.

4th July 2019, 14:12
Oh no Shrew..i’m so terribly sorry for you..please please don’t blame yourself..your husband would not want you to blame yourself. It’s obvious how much you loved him dearly. I don’t know what else to say really but hope that you can feel the love we all send you at this awful time.
Rest peacefully Mick.


Olivia H
4th July 2019, 14:22
My heartfelt sympathy xx

4th July 2019, 14:44
Dear Shrew,

I'm extremely sorry to hear such sad news about Mick.

Please don't think that it was your fault that he passed when he did. It definitely wasn't your fault that Mick had reached his time to drift away with the angels.

Mick always knew you loved him with all of your heart, just as much as he loved you. He wouldn't want you to feel guilty about anything.

You are an extremely kind and caring lady and you always looked after Mick lovingly and with the utmost care. Please don't blame yourself for anything.

I wish I could do more for you than just post this message. My thoughts are with you. Please take care of yourself and I hope you have family and friends to support and comfort you.

Rest in peace Mick.

Thinking of you Shrew and sending you lots of love and hugs,
Kayleigh xx

4th July 2019, 14:50
So sorry Shrew,

Shocked, heartbroken do say little about how you feel. Mick was big part of the forum and will be sadly missed.

Sorry for you that you found him that way, Mnd people all take risks, especially with falling. I often look at my fire place with raised ball corners and think that I should cover them but where do you stop. There are so many risks.

RIP Mick


4th July 2019, 15:12
I joined yesterday, so we haven't shared any posts. But all us newbies wish you well.
Very sad for your loss,

4th July 2019, 16:00
Shrew, I am so sorry to hear this and I am not surprised that you are heartbroken and as is said above, Mick will be sorely missed.

Also, you must not think that you are yourself responsible - each of us is responsible for ourselves and whilst obviously we try to help others as much as we can, beyond a certain point, there is nothing we can do


4th July 2019, 16:07
Oh Shrew, I am so very sorry for the loss of your beloved Mick.

You must be so shocked by the suddenness but you must not blame yourself in any way. It's obvious how much you loved Mick and you cared for him with absolute devotion.

I hope you have love and support around you from friends and family.

RIP Mick.
Thinking of you, Shrew
Love Debbie x

4th July 2019, 16:52
I am so sorry to hear that you have lost your beloved Mick. Please don’t blame yourself Shrew as we never know when our time is up and you certainly did everything possible to make his life comfortable.

Mick’s contribution to our forum family will be missed and I hope you have family support to help you with the grieving.

Barry x

Doug Carpenter
4th July 2019, 17:29
Dear Shrew

You've had a terrible shock and I send heartfelt condolences.

But you are not, repeat not, responsible in any way for Mick's death. It was a tragic accident. You loved and cared for him brilliantly.

Thinking of you.

Doug x

4th July 2019, 18:49
Dear Shrew,

I'm so sorry that your beloved Mick has died and that it was so sudden and unexpected. Such an awful shock for you.

I hope you have family or friends who can help you with all the practical matters that have to dealt with during the next two or three weeks, as well as giving you support and understanding as you try to come to terms with your loss.

4th July 2019, 19:41
So very sad to hear about your husband Mick, I hope you have support from family and friends. I am thinking of you Shrew, I think you told me your name was Sheila.
Best wishes
Sheila x

4th July 2019, 20:36
Shrew I am shocked at reading your news but you canít blame yourself in any way. Think of all the good times you have had together and all the memories you have made.

Condolences to you and your family.

Sue and Steve

4th July 2019, 21:03
Very sorry for your loss Shrew.

Wishing you comfort, and strength. I hope you can find peace of mind, and solace in all your happy memories together.


4th July 2019, 21:20
thank you to each and everyone of you for your kind words x

Music man's wife
4th July 2019, 23:52
I'm so sorry to hear about your dear Mick. X

Lynne K
5th July 2019, 11:20
Hi Shrew. I'm so sorry about you finding Mick the way that you explained and that he had passed. What a shock indeed. But at least he won't have to face being 'locked in,' something that we all dread. I hope that me saying this isn't offensive to you. It's meant as a tiny tiny bit of comfort. Nothing that any one of us can say will take your pain away. I hope that you have plenty of support. Lynne x

5th July 2019, 14:03
So sorry for your loss but please don’t blame yourself for anything

Good thoughts to you at this time

5th July 2019, 20:43
So shocked to read about your loss of Mick. It's difficult to know what to say to adequately comfort you.

Iron Will
10th July 2019, 20:42
awful news. you sound like my wife, a legend. he'll have known that.

11th July 2019, 10:16
Oh shrew I am heartbroken for you too
Fru xx

19th July 2019, 15:30
I would just like to thank Ellie for organising and sending a card to Shrew from us all.

The chimp is not all bad, like me.

Love Terry

19th July 2019, 15:37
Thanks for letting us know TC .... and many thanks to Ellie for being so kind and thoughtful - you have a heart of gold for sending a card to Shrew from all of us!
Love Kayleigh x

19th July 2019, 15:44
Hi Shrew,

I have been thinking about you every day and hoping you are as ok as possible, during what must be a very difficult and sad time for you.

I hope you have support from family and friends.

Sending you love and hugs,
Kayleigh xx

19th July 2019, 15:56
Mick's funeral is today and his biker pals will be there for him and his family - a touching send off to an avid biker....

I'm sure Shrew will take some comfort that we're all thinking of her on this very difficult day.

Love Ellie.

19th July 2019, 17:28
Shrew, I hope today went as well as possible for you and your family.

Sending you hugs and best wishes. Take care of yourself, Lovely.

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