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7th July 2019, 15:40
Hi everyone

Since I fell 3 weeks ago I have been in pain and felt generally unwell. Doctors and the paramedics felt it was ligament damage and I felt unwell because of the pain and MND . On Friday I woke up and coughed up blood so to A and E where I was fortunately fast tracked by my GP.

A CT scan showed blood clots on my lungs and an X ray showed my leg was broken in two places. There was also some underlying infection . I went between two hospitals and everyone was so helpful but they were cross I had not been given blood thinners earlier.They cant set my leg until my wheelchair has been adapted to have my leg straight.

Just glad to be home now but I wish I had been more assertive and gone to hospital sooner.
I guess it's really important not to attribute symptoms of ill health to our MND. I was feeling breathless, due to the blood clot but I thought it was the MND developing.

Take care everyone and no more falls,
Love Debbie x

7th July 2019, 15:50
Oh my days Debbie, you must have been in a lot of pain :(

Yes indeed, a good message for us all - don't put all our ailments down to our MND...

I wish you a speedy recovery and hope your wheelchair adaptation happens ASAP.

Sending you a big hug.

Love Ellie.

7th July 2019, 16:23
Hi Debbie,

My goodness, what a good job they discovered what was happening throughout your body. It's understandable why you attributed the breathlessness to the MND but it shows how important it is to check. I hope your wheelchair gets adapted soon so that your leg can be set.

7th July 2019, 17:11
HI Debbie,

Sorry to hear you have been through such a tough time. It must be good to be back home with your family and all your home comforts. I hope you feel much better very soon.

Love Kayleigh xx

P.S I was thinking about you today and wondering how you were getting on - I remembered you are a tennis fan while I was watching "John McEnroe: still rockin at 60" on BBC1 this afternoon. Worth a watch if you havn't seen it yet - especially, if like me, you are a fan of the tennis era when John McEnroe, Bijorn Borg and Jimmy Connors were the champions at Wimbledon! :)

7th July 2019, 18:28
Hi Debbie,

I’m sorry to hear that your health has worsened following your fall but I hope the medics can ease your pain. Who would have thought that you need an adapted wheelchair to support a leg cast. I trust they see you as a priority and sort it quickly. Of course you realise that you will need a bigger turning circle with your leg stuck out so beware of bumping it.
I thought it was only men who are reluctant to go to hospital but maybe it is living with MND that makes us all stoical.

Barry x

7th July 2019, 22:44
Hi Debbie, oh so sorry to hear about your accident. You have been through the wars.
I hope everything gets sorted out for you. And you make a speedy recovery.
Sending hugs
Sheila x

7th July 2019, 23:12
Hi Debbie...you must have been in agony. Hope your leg heals quickly. Thanks for the warning actually-my husband is getting booked in at the dr tomorrow-couple of things we need to check out.


8th July 2019, 01:23
Hi Debbie,

I am more likely not to go to doctors or hospital with things because of the extra strain it puts on my wife.

Like others, I remember you falling but wrongly assumed you had recovered.

Look after yourself, essentially the lungs.

What bones have you broken in your leg?

I do hope you quickly recover.

Love Terry

8th July 2019, 11:31
Thanks everyone for your lovely comments.

Just waiting for a leg support delivering for my powerchair before I have my leg set, otherwise i would be in a hospital manual chair, or have to stay in hospital ! On lots of meds to get the blood clots under control and they're monitoring it carefully.

Barry's comment about being careful about needing a wider turning circle really made me smile. I have visions of spinning around in my chair with my leg in the air. Oh the Joys!

Love Debbie x

8th July 2019, 20:30
Ooh, Debbie, you could use your supported leg as a jousting pole, or as a circular saw (if you spin at top speed!). ;) :D

22nd July 2019, 17:17
Hi Debbie.

Thinking of you and hope you're recovering well??

Can't but think the leg plaster must be unbearable in hot weather :(


Love Ellie.

22nd July 2019, 21:33
Aw Thanks Ellie, You're very kind.

It's just so nice to be comfortable and not in pain. It's a velcro cast , so although I am not meant to take it off it means I can get through the wet room door for a shower. It hot at night though!

Hubby is giving me injections each day for the blood clot, which has saved us having to have the district nurse .He says he doesn't mind sticking needles in me, which I am not sure is a good thing !!!

Hope you're ok and managing the heat.

Love Debbie x

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